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3D Roulette | Online Roulette Game Payout | Las Vegas Casino

3D European Roulette

In the ultra-competitive world of online casino gaming, some companies have managed to dominate the market, but there are always newcomers fighting for their share and producing some interesting new online table games along the way. A classic example is Iron Dog Studios. They may not yet have reached the levels of fame achieved by Microgaming, NetEnt, or Plan’n Go, but they are rising stars of the online casino gaming sector and many of their titles feature in the Las Vegas Casino list.

3D Roulette Online Table Game Visuals

3D Roulette is one of the most popular Iron Dog games, and although there are plenty of roulette options for table gaming fans out there, this edition of the classic game stands out for the quality of the graphics and overall presentation.

There is no doubt that Iron Dog has put a great deal of effort into the 3D Roulette online table game to ensure that it is good to look at. In fact, the graphics are some of the best we’ve seen for a roulette game. The animations of the table game run smoothly, and everything from the way that the ball clatters around the wheel to the evocative clicking of the chips makes for a complete roulette experience.

3D Roulette Table Game Gameplay

There is a limit to how far a roulette game developer can go in pushing the boundaries while still delivering all that roulette fans expect and Iron Dog have not pushed that too far. 3D Roulette is a solid and familiar-looking roulette title, based on the European version of the game, so only one zero to give the house their edge. The RTP of the casino table game is 97.3%, which is about as good as it gets for roulette.

The online table game also includes the usual European Roulette payouts. So, a successful straight bet in this game will be paid out at 35 to 1, while a winning Split bet will reward you to the tune of 17 to 1, and the Street bet (11 to 1) and Corner (8 to 1) bets are familiar. In terms of betting options, in 3D Roulette online table game you can opt for the full range of Outside Bets. High or Low, Even or Odd and Red or Black, will pay out at Evens, and you get 2 to 1 for the Column or Dozen bets.

3D Roulette Online Table Game Special Features

3D Roulette provides a solid variety of additional features. After each spin, you can choose to repeat the last bet by clicking the Rebet option, and there is another tool that enables you to double the amount of your last bet. We were also pleased to see the La Partage rule in use in this Iron Dog table game, something that you usually only see in French roulette, which gives you half of your stake back if you make a bet at Evens and the ball ends up in the zero slot. This 3D Roulette feature cuts the house edge even further when you wager on Even money chances, increasing the RTP to a healthy 98.75%.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

We were extremely impressed with this table game and consider it one of the best roulette titles around. The stunning graphics of the table game and player-friendly interface are matched by gameplay that minimises the house edge and provides a solid and enjoyable roulette experience.

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