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here are few casino table games that can conjure up the excitement of a casino experience better than roulette. After all, this is the game that made Monaco famous with its long tables, smooth wheels and wide variety of betting options. It’s always a favourite with players all around the world.

Here at Las Vegas Casino, we want to offer you not only the very best games on the market but also a variety of great roulette experiences. This is why we are so excited about Auto-Roulette from Ezugi, one of the most dependable game providers out there.

Auto Roulette Gameplay

What sets Evolution’s online table game Auto Roulette apart from other live dealer games is that there is no dealer. This may sound counter-intuitive at first, but what it means is that you get all the advantages of a regular live dealer game, just without wasting any time.

The wheel is real, but instead of a person setting the ball in motion, the process is automated. It is a standard European Roulette wheel, with a single green slot and 37 black and red numbers.

Those looking for a more sociable experience might want to try one of Las Vegas Casino’s other games; however, for anyone interested in concentrating on the sweet science of roulette, Auto Roulette might be the online casino table game for you.

With no human dealer, there are no delays. Auto-Roulette online casino game offers a staggering 80 games per hour, far more than you would get on other types of live dealer games.

Betting On Auto Roulette Online Table Game

Evolution Gaming’s Auto Roulette does not sacrifice any of the other features you might expect from a great live casino table game. You will find the table stakes in the centre of the bottom of the screen, with a minimum bet of £/€/$0.20 going all the way up to £/€/$20,000 on the VIP tables. You can either drag your chips from there and drop them on the numbers you want on the left side of the screen, or you have the option to select groups of numbers from the display on the right.

Auto Roulette Table Game Features

These groups of Auto Roulette table game include all the classic groupings that you will find on most roulette wheels, including Voisins du zéro (17 numbers between the 22 and 25 slots, known as ‘neighbours of zero’), Jeu zéro (‘zero game’, which are the 7 slots around and including the zero), Le tiers du cylindre (the numbers between 27 and 33) and last but never least, Orphelins (‘orphans’, the two sections of the 8 remaining numbers on the wheel).

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

One of the great benefits of online roulette is that you do not have to be a human computer to get right into the detail of the game. You’ll find all the statistics you could possibly want in the top right corner of the Auto Roulette game screen, including numbers that have come up recently, numbers that are running hot or cold, and even the sections of the wheel where the ball is landing most regularly. This frees your mind up for what is really important – enjoying the game!

Find more of the most popular online table games like Auto Roulette at Las Vegas Casino and get ready for the ultimate gaming experience.

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