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Baccarat Squeeze Live Table Game

Squeezing is a term that would be familiar to fans of Baccarat, which refers to peeking at the upturned corner of your cards to add a little excitement to the game, without changing its outcome. Well, Evolution Gaming has now put out a variant of the classic Baccarat game, called Baccarat Squeeze, where it can make a difference.

This is a live dealer game where live casino players have the option of whether to squeeze their cards or not, but opting to squeeze can reveal their play to the other table game players as well, which amps up the thrill factor of the baccarat game.

Baccarat Squeeze Online Casino Game Visuals

Baccarat Squeeze is a live casino game, so you will have a custom table surrounded by cameras to stream the action live to you, and a live casino dealer in front of you as well, with the casino in the background. The table is like what you would find at a land-based casino, but there are glass inlays where the cards are dealt face down. You as the baccarat player can see the faces of the cards, and it is then up to you to reveal the corners of the cards or not.

Online baccarat players can customize their view as well, with the option to switch between classic and 3D views, display scorecards on a dark or light background, show or hide the chat with other live casino players, as well as hide or display the various betting statistics for the baccarat game.

Baccarat Squeeze Live Casino Game Gameplay

The objective of this online table game is no different to that of the classic Baccarat game. As usual, you have to bet on whether your hand will win or the live dealer’s, or whether there will be a tie, with the payouts depending on your bet and the hands dealt on the table.

The hand that comes closest to the number 9 in total wins, and there are various side bets such as Banker, Player, Either, Perfect Pair, Player Bonus and Banker Bonus for you to consider as well. Payouts for these side bets can range from 5:1 (Either Pair) to as high as 200:1 (pairs of identical cards for both the player and the banker).

Baccarat Squeeze Table Game Bonus Features

There are no bonus features as such, given that this is a standard game of Baccarat, but the live table game does allow an infinite number of players to play at once. You play with 8 decks, which means that new players who are not yet comfortable with the concept of ‘squeezing’ can play without having to place a bet at first to get used to the live casino game, which is quite helpful.

Baccarat Squeeze Live Table Game RTP

Online Baccarat players can bet from 5 credits up to 500 credits per round. This is a low volatility game, as regular Baccarat players would know, and the RTP for this version is a very encouraging 98.94%.

Verdict by Las Vegas Casino

Live dealer casino games are always interesting and fun to play, and this twist to the standard Baccarat game adds even more to it. Try this great live casino game here at Las Vegas Casino.

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