Battlemania Slot Game Review

Battlemania slot game is a quirky, unique slot game from Microgaming which is certainly attempting to do something different with the genre. It’s a fusion of traditional slot gameplay with modern RPGs, in which players have a little bit of choice and agency in where their characters are headed and what they do. While Battlemania might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s admirable that Microgaming have attempted something so new, and it’s a fun little game with lots of promise. Players who enjoy trying new mechanics would do well to give Battlemania a go.

Battlemania Slots Gameplay

Battlemania is a unique fantasy-themed slot in which players fight a horde of enemies with a team of five heroes, using cards to gradually reduce the enemy’s health to zero. The game’s slot mechanics are applied to the cards that players ‘draw’ in order to determine the outcome of the battle; if the player lands a skull card, the enemies attack and the battle is lost. Play continues until all enemies are defeated or all of the player’s characters are defeated. Special features are also unlocked by activating special actions on cards which can be drawn. Battlemania’s mechanics are interesting combination; they fuse underlying slot principles and algorithms with a surface veneer of strategy games like Magic: The Gathering, into something wholly new and different. If the idea of feeling like you have more agency appeals to you, then Battlemania is definitely worth a try.

Battlemania Slot Game Special Features

Battlemania is not without bonus mechanics. There’s a pretty long list of features that can be activated by special cards which we can’t cover all of here, but some of the best in the game include: the Boss Fight, in which all of the player’s characters team up against a mighty dragon for a chance of winning bonus gold; Free Battles, the game’s version of free spins, in which five free battles are awarded with the chance to win bonus treasure during this round; and a fun Lava Stones pick and click feature in which players can win up to 17,000 coins by picking up as many lava stones as possible before they hit a multiplier stone, which will multiply all of the cash stones they managed to pick up for potentially big wins.

Battlemania Slot Game Mobile Adaptibility

Battlemania runs smoothly on mobile devices, so players shouldn’t have a problem if they play primarily on smartphones or tablets. Both iOS and Android devices seem perfectly capable of running Battlemania without any problems, and the game’s graphics are of a similar quality on a smartphone display as they are on bigger displays.

Battlemania Slot Game Return To Player

Unfortunately, Battlemania offers a fairly weak RTP of just 94.75%, quite a bit below the average of around 96%. It is a nice little game and players shouldn’t only be drawn into playing the slot on the basis of winning money, though of course this does factor into our opinion of Battlemania. The volatility of the game depends on the choices players make while they play, which might not suit some players but it does mean that the gameplay can be tailored – if players choose wisely – to fit a wide range of play styles.
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