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Las Vegas Casino Blackjack

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What Is Blackjack Casino Table Game?

Blackjack is an extremely popular casino game, whether that is with punters playing live in a casino or online. It is a table card game that is played by thousands of players all around the world, with each one taking on the dealer in a straight race to 21. Prior to the recent boom in slot machines, blackjack was widely regarded as the most popular game in the world and you can play a lot of variants right here at Las Vegas Casino.

The origins of blackjack casino table game are not completely known. It is believed that it is devised from French and Italian card games but it has exploded into nations all around the world, where it can also be referred to as 21 or Pontoon. If you like a fast paced game then blackjack is very much one for you!

Variants Of Blackjack At Las Vegas Casino

If your favourite casino table game is definitely blackjack then you are in the right place here at Las Vegas Casino, the home of the ultimate online casino gameplay. We provide you with some of the biggest and best variants of the beloved online blackjack!

Whether you are after the basic traditional form of the table game, or variants which offer bigger and better ways to win such as ‘Vegas Strip Blackjack’ or ‘Single Deck Blackjack’ then you will be pleased to have found our online casino.

There are eight super variants of blackjack at Las Vegas Casino beginning with the traditional European Blackjack, which is the standard variant of the table game played in casinos worldwide.

More Popular Online Blackjack Games Available At Las Vegas Casino

Another popular game variant is the Vegas Strip Blackjack which resembles casinos in the bright lights of Las Vegas! The biggest difference in this version of the table game is that the dealer has to draw on a soft 17 hand (a hand which has an ace counting as 11 rather than 1) which increases the chances of the punter winning.

A further variant is ‘Single Deck Blackjack’ where the house edge is at its lowest, but more strategy is required in order to be successful. You usually only find this form of blackjack online due to the land casinos not making much from it.

To make sure you are having the best online casino experience at the comfort of your home or while waiting for an appointment, all these table game variants, and indeed all of our extensive range of online blackjack games can be played on desktop and mobile devices at Las Vegas Casino. Our online casino and games are optimised to allow them to work sufficiently on all kinds of devices – another reason why Las Vegas Casino is the best place to get the thrill of the glitz for those who seek to play a fairly real experience of blackjack!

Rules Of Blackjack

We kindly advise our new online casino to know all the terms, rules and best strategies to play online blackjack before taking to a table and hitting it.

The aim of Blackjack is for the casino player to beat the dealer in a race to 21, without ever exceeding that number. The ultimate highlight of the table game is to get a blackjack. This is when you are dealt an Ace and one of a Ten, Jack, Queen or King as your first two cards. In most casinos around the world this pays out at 3:2.

Whether at Las Vegas Casino or at a land based casino, each blackjack player is dealt two cards face up, while the dealer is also dealt two cards but only one of which is overturned. Players then form their hand taking more cards from the deck when necessary until they have 21 or as close to it as they dare risk without going over 21. In all traditional forms of blackjack the ace is worth 1 or 11 and the face cards are worth 10 regardless of their suit.

Do All Blackjack Games Have The Same Rules?

Different casinos and games offer up slightly different nuances on the blackjack rules. There are some games where the dealer must draw on a soft 17 while others have various rules about which hands can and cannot be split. But don’t worry, because you won’t feel lost at Las Vega Casino Blackjack tables as these rules are all labelled clearly on the game’s landing page and it is vital that you know the conditions of the given online casino table game that you are playing before you sit down.

How To Play Blackjack

One of the reasons why blackjack is such a popular online casino table game with Las Vegas Casino punters is because of its simplicity to play, although there is some strategy that can be applied to the game.

Here are some tips from Las Vegas Casino blackjack experts: The biggest thing to remember when playing online blackjack is that the dealer’s hand is the one that matters more than anything. You can have 2 in your hand or 21, but if the dealer busts they both win, so make sure you keep an eye on the dealer’s cards. In a normal blackjack game the dealer can stand on 17 but must draw on 16, therefore if his base card is a 4, 5 or 6 there is a strong chance of him busting as he must take two more cards after his initial one.

How can you take advantage of this? One way of doing so is ‘doubling down’ a Blackjack low hand. If you have a hand in the range of 8-11 which cannot bust when a card is added to it it is worth doubling, particularly when a dealer has a 5 or a 6. You double your bet and get one card to maximise your hand and win bigger should you win.

If you have a pair against a low card for the dealer then often it is profitable to split your pair, creating two hands to beat the dealer with. In blackjack games, aces are the best pair to split although you only get one card but can get 21 quickly if your extra cards are both 10s.

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Live Blackjack At Las Vegas Casino

Playing blackjack online is great but there is no better thrill than playing at a casino in person. One of the biggest trends in the casino world at present is live casino games and thanks to Las Vegas Casino live casino console you can play live without leaving your favourite armchair while winning big time like you were under the bright lights of Vegas’ chandeliers.

Play with other online casino blackjack players at a table against a live dealer by logging on to Las Vegas Casino wonderful live casino games and experience the buzz of blackjack in real life via your computer screen! Everything is as exciting and exclusive as you would find in a land based casino, with the dealer dealing hands in the same way and playing to the same house rules, but remember all players play from the same set of cards whereas online it is usually one on one.

Play Blackjack At Las Vegas Casino

Whether you are a newbie to the blackjack experience or a seasoned gamer we have you covered here at Las Vegas Casino. Why not pick a variant of blackjack and get playing right now!

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