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Blackjack VIP A

Blackjack VIP A is a slick and richly-featured online blackjack game from Evolution Gaming. It’s aimed at high-rollers who are sick of queuing for standard blackjack tables and want a VIP live dealer experience, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Evolution Gaming has established a reputation for providing the best live dealer table games in the industry. Their online casino table games are optimised for all platforms and consistently provide a great playing experience. With Blackjack VIP A, the visuals are superb. You get a high-definition stream of the studio with its elegant colour schemes and professional live dealer.

How To Play Blackjack VIP A Live Casino Game?

There are 7 seats at the table, so you are not guaranteed to get in right away. The games move quickly though, so you won’t be kept waiting long. Once you get your seat, you can play the main bet and two optional side bets (21+3 and Perfect Pairs). Simply select a coin and place it on your selection to start the round. As it targets high rollers, we recommend only seasoned blackjack players try to get in on this game live casino game.

The live dealer of Blackjack VIP A will give every player 2 cards and place 2 in front of themselves. You are only able to see 1 of the live dealer’s cards; the other remains facedown on the table. At this point, you choose ‘hit’ to draw another card or ‘stand’ if you think your card combination is good enough.

Blackjack VIP A Game Payouts

As we’ve said, this game is aimed at high rollers. As such, Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack VIP A offers a betting range between $250 and $5,000 for each round. The payout ratios are much the same as standard blackjack:

– Standard hand: 1:1
– Insurance bets: 2:1
– Pure blackjack win: 3:2

If you want to be in with a chance of a bigger win on Blackjack VIP A live casino game, you’ll need to take part in the 2 side bet options. The first of these is Perfect Pairs, which can score you a prize of 25:1 if you are lucky enough to draw identical cards with matching colour and suits.

In the other side bet, 21+3, your aim is to create a 3-card poker hand using your 2 cards plus the dealer’s face-up one. Not easy to do, but if you score a suited trip your maximum prize will be 100:1, so big wins can happen in Blackjack VIP A.

You can add further depth to your online casino table game by either doubling or splitting your hand. Doubling can be done one any pair of cards, as long as you haven’t already split. There are no significant limitations when it comes to splits in this live casino game, but only a single card is available on a split Ace.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

Truth be told, Blackjack VIP A is not very different from the standard blackjack options from Evolution Gaming. Its appeal is in the deluxe feel, swiffer access to the table and, of course, the higher table limits of this live casino game. Blackjack VIP A is only suited to high rollers who can afford the kind of stake this game demands. If you have the budget, we definitely recommend this over the standard blackjack options.

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