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Blackjack VIP G Online Table Game

Blackjack is one of the most popular and classic card games, and you can now play this exciting game comfortably from wherever you are through Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack VIP G!

Blackjack VIP G Theme

Evolution Gaming have always had some of the best live casino games around, and Blackjack VIP is no different, as it provides as realistic an experience as you could have ever hoped for. The game takes place in a casino room, with your blackjack table at its centre, with a dealer welcoming you to the game and getting started with it.

You can opt for the authentic casino experience, where you will hear the soft buzz of conversation in the background as if you were actually on the casino floor. The visuals are clear and make it quite easy to understand the controls and options, and it will be very easy for you to see the cards on the table and in your hand as well.

Blackjack VIP G Table Game Gameplay

You will be given three betting boxes where you can place your bets on various parts of the game, and you can choose your strategy appropriately as a result. The minimum bet is at €/£/$50 per hand, and goes up to €/£/$5000 per hand.

There is also the option to enable Fast Play for those who are experienced at blackjack and find the standard game a little slow. This increases the speed at which cards are dealt and removed on the table. Another option to allow games to go by quickly is the Rebet option, where you can place the same bet as your previous hand rather than having to enter your bets manually again on the three betting boxes.

Blackjack VIP Bonuses

This is a standard game of blackjack, but there are some special betting options that can make it quite entertaining. The first of these is the Pre-Decision, where you can make your choice to Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split at the same time as the first player without waiting for your turn – another way to speed up the game and make it livelier.

You also have the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets, which can increase your payouts and give you more betting opportunities. The Perfect Pairs bet pays out if the first two cards dealt to you are a mixed, coloured or perfect pair, while the 21+3 bet gives you the chance to win on a number of poker-style combinations, comprised of your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card.

Blackjack VIP RTP

This is a low volatility game as it is a standard blackjack game, and has an RTP of 99.28%.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

Evolution Gaming have delivered an excellent version of blackjack to play online, with some entertaining bonuses making it even more fun than the original version. Check it out on Las Vegas Casino today!

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