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Bubble Beez | Exciting slot | Las Vegas Casino

Bubble Beez: The Honeycomb-shaped Slot Game with Sweet Features

Bubble Beez is a hexagonal slot game developed by Crazy Tooth Studio. The game has an RTP of 96.15% and a medium volatility. The game is set in a colorful, buzzing world where players can make wins by landing at least three adjacent symbols of the same type.

The game features a host of interesting bonus features, including the Wild Symbol, Tumble Reelz, Queen Bee Feature, Triangle Multiplier Feature, Buzz Bomb Feature, and Honey Prize Award.

The game’s unique layout and vibrant colors immediately catch your eye. The hexagonal grid has 4 rows on either side and seven rows in the center. The backdrop is blue with a hexagonal pattern and a queen bee soaring to the right of the reels. The queen bee holds a magic wand, which she uses to trigger various features throughout the game.

The Wild Symbol in Bubble Beez is a beehive that substitutes for all regular paying symbols. It does not create wins on its own. However, players can trigger the Tumble Reelz feature, which activates after every win. The involved symbols will disappear, and new ones will fall from above, potentially creating more wins.

The Tumble Reelz continues as long as consecutive wins occur. The win multiplier starts at 1x on your first win and increases by 1 for every consecutive win, up to 5x. The multiplier resets to 1x every time the Tumble Reelz feature finishes, and you start a new spin.

The Queen Bee Feature adds excitement to the game by randomly performing one of three features when players collect three or more Queen Bee Overlay Symbols. The features include Transformation, Elimination, or Multiplier Alteration.

The Transformation feature turns regular symbols on the grid into other regular paying symbols. The Elimination feature removes symbols from the grid and collects any Queen Bee Overlay Symbols or Honey Prize Overlay Symbols before inducing an additional symbol tumbling. The Multiplier Alteration feature transforms a triangle-shaped group of three symbols into the same regular symbol, creating a win with at least three symbols.

The Triangle Multiplier Feature triggers whenever 3 winning symbols appear in a triangle shape. A multiplier symbol is then placed adjacent to all triggering symbols, which doubles all symbol credits awarded within winning combinations that contain one or more adjacent triggering symbols.

The Buzz Bomb Feature triggers when the Buzz Bomb Symbol appears on a spin with no winning combinations. The Buzz Bomb removes symbols from the game board and collects any Overlay Symbols before inducing an additional symbol tumbling.

The Honey Prize Award is a special feature where players collect Honey Prize Overlay Symbols by making wins with symbols that are surrounded by an Overlay Symbol. When five or more Honey Prize Overlay Symbols are collected, the Honey Prize is awarded, which can be anything between 6.5x and 184.5x the bet. The amount increases slowly on random spins while you’re playing and may be reset to its minimum value after a Honey Prize Award.

In conclusion, Bubble Beez is an entertaining and engaging slot game that features unique gameplay and plenty of bonus features. The game’s hexagonal grid, vibrant colors, and fun animations create a buzzing and exciting atmosphere that players will enjoy. The game’s features, including the Tumble Reelz, Queen Bee Feature, Triangle Multiplier Feature, Buzz Bomb Feature, and Honey Prize Award, provide players with numerous opportunities to win big. So don’t wait any longer; head over to Las Vegas Casino, and start playing today!

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