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Call of the Wild Slot | Win Real Money | Las Vegas Casino

Discover the Excitement of Call of the Wild Online Slot Game

If you’re looking for a thrilling slot game that takes you on an adventure in the wild, then Call of the Wild by Inspired Gaming is worth a try. In this game, you’ll find yourself immersed in a wild prairie, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and a variety of animals. While the slot may not offer a unique storyline or groundbreaking graphics, it compensates with vibrant gameplay and captivating animations. Plus, the soundtrack adds to the overall atmosphere, making it an enjoyable experience for players.

One of the highlights of Call of the Wild is its selection of symbols. There are nine pay symbols in total, which can be divided into two categories. First, you have the four card rank symbols, ranging from Jacks to Aces. These symbols all have the same payout, rewarding you with 4 times your bet for a combination of six-of-a-kind. Second, there are animal symbols featuring cougars, bears, horses, eagles, and wolves. Among them, the wolves hold the highest value, granting you 15 times your bet for a full set of six symbols.

In addition to the pay symbols, Call of the Wild offers two special features: Mystery symbols and Wolf Wilds. The Mystery symbols can randomly appear on the reels and always flip to reveal matching symbols once the reels stop spinning. This can significantly boost your chances of landing winning combinations.

Wolf Wilds, on the other hand, can appear anywhere on the game board and substitute for any of the pay symbols in winning combinations. These wilds also have their own payout values, and if you manage to land a set of six, you’ll receive a rewarding win of 15 times your bet.

Furthermore, the game introduces the Wild Win and Spin feature, which is activated by landing six Wolf Wilds. This feature follows a simple Hold and Win formula. You’ll be granted three respins to find more Wolf Wilds, and each new symbol that lands resets the respins tally back to three. If you fill the entire board with Wolf Wilds before running out of respins, you’ll be rewarded with a generous win. However, if you don’t achieve this, you’ll get one final spin with regular symbols while the Wolf Wilds remain held in place.

Lastly, Call of the Wild includes the Spin Chance feature commonly found in Inspired Gaming slots. When your bankroll drops below the selected bet level, you have the option to risk it all for a chance to win another spin at that bet level. Keep in mind, though, that there are no guarantees of winning the spin, so it might be wiser to reduce your stake instead.

In conclusion, Call of the Wild offers an exciting gaming experience set in a captivating wild prairie. While it may lack a unique plot or groundbreaking graphics, the game compensates with its vibrant gameplay, appealing animations, and atmospheric soundtrack. With the inclusion of Mystery symbols, Wolf Wilds, and the Wild Win and Spin feature, there are plenty of opportunities for thrilling wins. So be sure to give it a try today at Las Vegas Casino.

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