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Champions Of Olympus - Win Real Money | Las Vegas Casino

Brace Yourself for Divine Wins in the Champions of Olympus Slot Game

The Champions of Olympus slot, developed by Gold Coin Studios, invites players into the mystical world of Mount Olympus, the legendary abode of the Greek gods. Despite the abundance of Greek mythology-inspired slot games in the iGaming industry, this particular slot machine manages to captivate players with its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals. The game’s temple-like reels set amidst a serene garden backdrop, accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack, create an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient Greece.

Symbols in the Champions of Olympus online slot game are a nod to the mythological realm. The lower paying symbols feature shields adorned in green, blue, red, and purple hues. Matching five symbols of the same color rewards players with a payout equal to 1X their bet.

On the other hand, the higher paying symbols showcase majestic mythological creatures, each representing a different color—blue, green, purple, and red. Landing five identical symbols of the mythical creatures yields generous rewards ranging from 2X to 5X the initial bet. Let’s delve into the game’s enticing features.

The Wild Symbol feature plays a crucial role. By substituting for other symbols except for the Lightning wilds, the wild symbol increases the chances of securing wins. The payout depends on the number of wilds involved in the winning combination.

Landing three, four, or five wilds results in payouts of 1X, 5X, or 25X the bet, respectively. Notably, a multiplier trail adjacent to the reels intensifies the thrill. With each win containing a wild symbol, the multiplier level increases, resetting only when no further wins occur.

The Rolling Reels feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Whenever a winning combination is achieved, the Rolling Reels are activated. The winning symbols disappear, making way for new symbols to cascade onto the reels, potentially leading to consecutive wins. This thrilling chain reaction continues as long as new winning combinations are formed, ensuring an exhilarating gaming experience.

Complementing the Rolling Reels is the Multiplier Trail feature. The multiplier trail starts with a base win multiplier of 1X. However, with each win involving a wild symbol, the total win multiplier increases by 1X. This accumulating multiplier is then applied to subsequent wins. Once there are no more wins, the multiplier resets back to 1X, preparing players for another chance to escalate their winnings.

Prepare to be amazed by the Power of Zeus feature. During the base game, the Power of Zeus can be randomly triggered, transforming three to six low paying symbols into wild symbols. When a Zeus Lightning wild contributes to a winning combination, up to four additional wild symbols are placed on the subsequent roll.

The excitement escalates when a wild lands in a position already occupied by another wild, increasing its multiplier by 1X. This means that multiple wilds in the same position can lead to substantial rewards with multiplied winnings.

As you spin the reels, keep an eye out for the Link&Win feature. Accumulating Lightning wilds is key to activating this thrilling bonus. Each time a Lightning wild contributes to a win, it is collected in a meter positioned at the top of the screen.

Once eight or more Lightning wilds have been collected, the Link&Win feature triggers. Three respins are granted, during which three Link&Win symbols with values ranging from 1X to 3X are placed on the reels. Throughout the respins, the reels may display Link&Win symbols or blank spaces. When a Link&Win symbol appears, it remains locked in place, resetting the respin count to three.

Progressing further in the gameplay by collecting Link&Win symbols unlocks various enticing features. Achieving the milestone of 25 Link&Win symbols rewards players with an instant prize—a staggering 12,500X the initial bet, marking the game’s maximum win potential. Additionally, during the respins, a Zeus symbol with a payout of 5X and extra 5X rewards added to 2 to 5 random Link&Win symbols can be landed.

Upon collecting 13 Link&Win symbols, a symbol with a random value between 1X and 4X is awarded. This symbol doubles its value by absorbing a value from another random Link&Win symbol. Furthermore, it transfers its own value to yet another random Link&Win symbol.

Reaching 16 Link&Win symbols triggers the appearance of a symbol with a random value ranging from 2X to 4X. This symbol adds its value to 2 to 4 Link&Win symbols, creating potentially significant payouts.

Accumulating 19 Link&Win symbols unlocks a symbol with a random value between 2X and 4X. It absorbs values from 2 to 4 random Link&Win symbols, boosting its own rewards.

Finally, with 22 Link&Win symbols collected, players receive a symbol with a random value ranging from 2X to 4X. This symbol augments the values of all surrounding Link&Win symbols, maximizing potential winnings.

For those eager to expedite their journey to the thrilling Link&Win feature, Champions of Olympus offers a Bonus Buy option. After activating the Link&Win feature once, players can directly access it by paying 70 times their bet, without affecting their progress in collecting Lightning wilds.

In conclusion, the Champions of Olympus slot stands out among the plethora of Greek mythology-themed slot games with its captivating gameplay and visually stunning design. The immersive atmosphere created by the temple-like reels, serene garden backdrop, and enchanting soundtrack transports players to the realm of the Greek gods. With an array of innovative features, including the Wild Symbol, Rolling Reels, Multiplier Trail, Power of Zeus, Link&Win, and Bonus Buy, the slot machine offers an exhilarating and rewarding experience. So, what are you waiting for? Play Champions of Olympus today at Las Vegas Casino!

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