Diamond Deal Game Review

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 Diamond Deal Game Review

Gamevy challenges the dominating reels and slots format in online gambling gaming through Diamond Deal. This is a game that has no reels or slots but is purely a lottery format. As one that sticks out like a sore thumb among its peers, Diamond Deal provides a thrilling and unique gaming experience. 

And this is London based Gamevy’s signature style in their game development. It is a no-nonsense, instant win format designed for slots layers that like to cut to the chase. As the name suggests, Diamond Deal takes you on a quest to  – you guessed it- find diamonds and win big. 

Diamond Deal Slot Theme & Visuals

The design in this game may be simple, but its imagery is foundational to the aesthetic of the entire game. Notice how the colour palette of purple is used across the Diamond Deal grid to signify riches and jewelry. 

In executing its gameshow-like system, the video slot animations build suspense when the player chooses a certain box in the hopes of finding a diamond. Simple yet effective, the visuals of the lottery game are consistent with the game’s singular theme. 


Diamond Deal Video Slot Betting Options

The betting range of this online casino title is 1 to 10 units. After the player places the same, they must choose a specific box on the Diamond Deal game grid in the hopes that it is a diamond. Note that there are 10 diamonds that can be found amongst 50 boxes. 

When the player selects a box, the front disappears as the interior of the box lights up. And in a ture lottery game show style, if a diamond is to be found by the player, light shines on the cohen box and coins are subsequently added to their total. Note that in their pursuits to mine these diamonds, players have a limited number of lives. 

The video lottery player is given 4 lives per bet. However, for every diamond they find, an extra life is added in their pursuit. And despite the odds, what makes the Diamond Deal online casino game thrilling is an incredible payout ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 coins (depending on your initial bet). 

Diamond Deal Game Features

Unlike other online gambling games out there, Diamond Deal video lottery is entirely unique. And while it does not have any conventional features or bonuses as such due to its format, its quick pick and cash out features must be noted. 

The quick pick allows the player to randomize and automate their pick. This may be a useful option for players that like to speed things up or have pre-game routines. The cash out feature allows the player to cash out at any time in their gaming experience. 

Diamond Deal Online Slot RTP & Variance

The return to player (RTP) of Diamond Deal video slot is 91%. This means that theoretically, a player wins an average of €91 for every €100 bet made, Note that this average is a cumulative of over 4000 attempts. Note that due to the simplicity of the Diamond Deal game’s high-risk, high-reward system, the volatility and variance of the game are notably high.

Game Review Verdict by Las Vegas Casino

Diamond Deal is a video lottery slot game that may be better suited for more seasoned players due to its numbers. Overall, its unique and thrilling gaming experience makes for a truly singular game that stands out. Thus, the replay value of Diamond Deal is quite high. 

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Las Vegas Casino Score: 5/5