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Double Bonus Poker

We are happy to present you Genii’s version of the classic video poker game. In Double Bonus Poker, the bonus payouts for various hands can be doubled, making this a popular casino game for many poker fans around the world. Genii’s Double Bonus is a pretty standard version of this game which is presented with decent visuals and a crisp, clear interface. Let’s take a look at whether it’s worth playing this video poker game over other similar versions.

Video Poker Slot Gameplay

Double Bonus Poker is a classic video poker game which is a little more complex than some other variants of video poker but still easy enough to get to grips with. Before playing, players must first set the number of coins or the amount they wish to bet per hand, before selecting ‘deal’ to play.

Double Bonus Poker players will receive five cards each, and a payout will be awarded for a hand of two Jacks or better. At the point of landing a winning hand like this, players can choose to try and double their payout. Five cards will be presented, of which one will be face up and four will be face down. Players will pick a face-down card, and if the card they pick out is higher than the face-up card, the win is doubled, but if the card is lower, the win is halved.

Double Bonus Poker Game Special Features

It’s this doubling feature which is the reason why so many people love Double Bonus Poker. What’s more, players can choose to double their bet again and again, if they wish – by gambling each successive doubled win for as long as they want. This makes Double Bonus Poker a great choice for players hoping to land a windfall and means excitement is never far away when playing this video poker game.

Return To Player Of Double Bonus Poker Online Game

This video slot offers a fantastic average return to player of 99%, which means that if you spend around 100 coins playing this video poker game online, you’ll likely finish your session with about 99 coins still in pocket – though of course, many people hope to be in the lucky percentage who win much more than this. Double Bonus Poker has a great RTP and definitely at the upper end of what you’re likely to see, cutting the house edge down to a minimum.

 Las Vegas Casino Verdict

This online slot is well worth playing for up-and-coming card sharks. It offers a step up in difficulty compared to other video poker games, which will be welcome to seasoned players looking for a game with a bit of nuance. The online poker game’s doubling features make it easy to see how large amounts can be won on Double Bonus Poker, although it also means players can be liable to lose potentially big wins. If you’re looking for a video poker game that offers bigger thrills and a little more risk, then check out Genii’s Double Bonus – you might find it the perfect online casino game for you.

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