Dragon Tiger Baccarat

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Dragon Tiger Baccarat

A return to player (RTP) rate of 96.72% and game rounds that last around 25 seconds make Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger table game incredibly appealing to Las Vegas Casino players looking for a top baccarat game experience.

Dragon Tiger Theme

Evolution Gaming continue to provide some stellar graphics with their live dealer casino table games, and their Dragon Tiger title is one that continues to follow the standards that the developer have reached.

Players will find that an Oriental theme has been adopted with this game, although that probably should not come as a surprise considering the name of this baccarat game and the history of baccarat.

When loading up this online baccarat game, bettors will be seated opposite to a dealer at a black table, with a background that depicts golden tigers, golden dragons (both of these creatures will light up when a win is obtained) and lots of the colour red, from the outfits the dealers wear to the posts that can be found in the background.

Live Table Game Gameplay

Evolution Gaming have made this Dragon Tiger baccarat table game extremely easy to play and follow, with Las Vegas Casino players of all levels finding that they will be able to pick up the rules quickly, if they have no idea how to play.

Simply, players will see that two cards are dealt to begin, with one going to the dragon and one going to the tiger. Players will then need to place a bet on which one they believe will have the highest value. Those that manage to obtain a winning hand will receive a payout of even money, 1:1. There is a way of winning more, so check out the Dragon Tiger special bonus features to learn more!

A King is considered to be the highest card, whilst the Aces represent the lowest values, therefore when playing this Dragon Tiger title, it is important to remember this. A total of 8 decks will be used, with each of them being dealt via a dealing shoe. If one deck remains, it will be changed.

As mentioned, Evolution Gaming have made it possible for players to play a number of games in a short period of time, as they have made each online baccarat game last around 25 seconds, with betting time being restricted to a period of just 15 seconds.

Dragon Tiger Baccarat Bonus Features

Although it can be hard to add special bonus features to classic table games such as online baccarat, Evolution Gaming have managed to provide a top bonus in regards to the bets that are available in this Dragon Tiger online baccarat game.

Although choosing the right outcome will see players receive even money, they have the potential to win bigger prizes via the use of side bets.

There are a total of 2 side bets available, with a ‘Tie’ and a ‘Suited Tie’.

A ‘Tie’ bet will win when both cards are the same and will pay players a prize of 11:1.

A ‘Suited Tie’ bet will be won when the playing cards are identical in value and suit. Las Vegas Casino players who correctly land this bet will receive a huge 50:1 prize!

Dragon Tiger Online Baccarat RTP

The return to player (RTP) rate for this Dragon Tiger baccarat table game stands at 96.72%, although there are different RTPs available for those who decide to utilise the side bets available.

Those betting on a tie will have an RTP rate of 89.64%, whilst an RTP rate of 86.02% for Suited Ties is available.

Bettors can place a minimum bet of €/£/$1, whilst a maximum bet of €/£/$500 can be placed on each turn.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

Baccarat enthusiasts and Las Vegas Casino players new to the card game will love Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger baccarat table game, as it provides them with a truly simplistic overall gameplay experience.

The rules are incredibly simple to follow, the graphics and visuals are stunning, whilst the potential of winning big via the use of side bets make this live dealer table game rather appealing and attractive.

Try this live dealer game at Las Vegas Casino now! Have some fun and may luck be with you.

Las Vegas Casino Score: 4/5