Dream Catcher
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Dream Catcher is an innovative and exciting live casino game which brings the glamour and glitz of high-stakes television-style contests to you! This game uses a combination of detailed graphics with fast-paced gameplay to give you the chance for casino fun in your own home, and access to huge prizes. It’s a fully immersive online live casino game and online casino players enjoy a series of dynamic camera angles and close-ups to really get into the action.


Dream Catcher Online Money Wheel Theme

In Dream Catcher money wheel, Just as you would see from similar money wheel games on television, this live casino game opens to a large colourful wheel lit by bright lights and spinning to the tune of sprightly music that keeps you on the edge of your seat with every turn. There’s a live casino dealer that keeps everything moving, chatting away with the online casino players as the wheel moves on.

In Dream Catcher online money wheel game, to get started, simply pick a number on the wheel and place a bet on it. The payout odds correspond with the number that you’ve chosen. Each time the wheel turns players must make a decision about where they are placing their bets, then it’s up to lady luck on where the stopper may land, on either 1-2-5-10-20 or 40 scoreboards. As well as the regular options there is also the chance for a multiplier of x2 or x7, really pushing up those payouts.

This is an extremely easy online casino  game to play, with easily recognisable features that will appeal to regular casino players and new visitors alike. You don’t need to approach this one with any particular strategy, just choose how big your ambition for a win is then spin and see!


Dream Catcher Live Casino Game Provider

This is a live casino game from Evolution Gaming who have been named the Live Casino Supplier of the Year at least nine times, guaranteeing you quality. They specialise in live gameplay and ways to bring players together for a great time playing video slots online.


Dream Catcher Live Money Wheel Return To Player

The RTP for Dream Catcher live casino game is between 90.57% and 96.58%. Payout odds here are linked to the winning number so, for example, number ten pays 10/1. If you hit the multiplier segments these act as bonus spins and multiply the wins from the next round.


Dream Catcher Online Casino Live Game Featured Bonuses

In Dream Catcher live casino game, when a multiplier is activated, the next spin determines the base level of the prize, then the multiplier is added. If it’s a multiplier segment again then the multiplied bet from the last spin is increased again. Spins would be repeated until a points value segment is found to use as a base. It’s a fast-moving lively game where each turn of the wheel can up your prizes!


Dream Catcher Live Casino Game Jackpot

In theory, the wheel could hit a multiplier again and again, and although this is unlikely you could reach the maximum win limit of £500,000.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

Not only is this game easy to play with a great retro feel, but it can also be played on mobile and desktop, making it great if you’re looking for something simple to play on the move. Feeling lucky? Have a spin at the glamourous Las Vegas Casino today.

LasVegas Casino Score: 5/5