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French Roulette Online Table Game Review

Roulette is one of the most popular table games in casinos all across the world, and there are usually two versions of the game – American and European. However, some online casinos have started providing a third version, French Roulette, and while it is quite similar to the European version, there may be some small tweaks and differences that change the way the game’s outcomes pan out.

This French Roulette online casino game is provided by Microgaming, and it does a good job of providing a different sort of experience to regular roulette games.

French Roulette Online Table Game Theme

You are going to play a game of roulette, so the theme is that of a casino, as expected. There is a roulette wheel at the top of the screen, with the layout below it for you to place your bets. There are a couple of tables that show numbers and colors that may be hot or cold at the moment, and your available cash and coin balances are displayed at the bottom of the screen, just below a number of options to change game settings and so on.

French Roulette Online Casino Game Gameplay

Players have the option of placing their bets anywhere on the layout at the start of a spin. You will see that French Roulette has a single-zero layout, meaning that there are 37 numbers on the layout – 1-36 and the number zero. The odds for placing bets anywhere on the layout are 35-1, while you have the option of combination bets as well, where betting on two numbers will return 17-1, while betting on a row of three numbers has a potential return of 11-1 if you land one of those numbers.

You can also place bets that cover larger areas of the layout, for lower returns – betting on 12 numbers at the same time will have odds of just 2-1, while choosing to go with odd/even or red/black returns even money. These are examples of ‘outside’ bets – if there is a table minimum, each outside bet has to meet this amount. ‘Inside’ bets, which are the bets mentioned earlier, can be smaller, but your total bet must add up to meet the table minimum.

This is pretty much the standard European roulette game, with the French version having some more layout options. For example, the ‘Jeu O’ (Zero Game) option allows you to place a bet covering the zero and some of the numbers around it. Another potential option that you could see in online casinos is the En Prison rule.

Here, if you make an even money bet and the spin results in a zero, you do not automatically lose your bet. Instead, it is ‘imprisoned’, and if you land a win on the next spin, the bet is returned to you. A different version of this is La Partage – here, rather than the entire bet being potentially ‘imprisoned’, half of it is returned to you while the other half is lost.

The best way to play these table games is to place even money bets if the La Partage or En Prison rules are in effect, to benefit from the protection that these bets offer.

French Roulette Online Casino Game RTP

This version of the roulette game has an RTP of 98.65%, with the returns fluctuating depending on the bets you place.

French Roulette Online Casino Game Verdict

This is a good example of a classic game being made even better with a few tweaks, and Microgaming have provided a very good experience through this French Roulette online table game.

Try this roulette game at Las Vegas Casino now! Have some fun and may luck be with you.

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