Fruit Blast

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Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast is a bright fruit slot game from Skillzz Gaming. This unique slot combines the mechanics of cluster slots with popular mobile games like Candy Crush Saga to create a hybrid which is both refreshing and fun. It’s fantastic to see small developers like Skillzz Gaming doing something different with the genre, and it’ll be interesting to see if Fruit Blast paves the way for a new kind of slot game.

Fruit Blast Slot Game Gameplay

Fruit Blast is a grid video slot which plays a little differently to most. Like other grid slots, players win money for lining up clusters of three or more symbols on the reels. In Fruit Blast, players click on clusters of three or more to ‘blast’ them, as in games like Candy Crush Saga mobile game. These symbols then disappear and new ones fall into place. Wins are made when bars are filled at the side of the screen because enough of each symbol type has been blasted. It’s an interesting idea and it makes Fruit Blast video slot feel like a much more interactive slot compared to traditional cluster pays slots.

Fruit Blast Video Slot Special Features

Fruit Blast is a simple slot game at heart but it’s not without special features. There’s just one bonus symbol in the game, but this symbol can unlock many different features.

The longer you play for, the more different bartenders you’ll unlock. Set your bartender using a button in the options menu, and when you land a cluster of Bonus tiles that bartender’s own unique bonus will come into play. Bartender bonuses include instant wins, free spins, and pick and click mini-games with wins of up to 170x the bet.

There’s also a jackpot of 1000x the bet to be won if players manage to blast a cluster of three jackpot tiles anywhere on the reels, which is well worth looking out for while you play.

Play Fruit Blast Slot Game On Mobile

Like to play on the go? Don’t worry, Fruit Blast online slot game works perfectly on mobile devices including both iOS and Android and it looks great on both too. Provided your internet connection is decent, you shouldn’t have a problem playing this slot while out and about.

Fruit Blast Online Slot Game Return To Player

Fruit Blast offers players an average return to player of 96.12%. This is about average for a slot game of this kind, so players should neither consider this a plus or a minus. Fruit Blast slot game is a high variance slot, which means players should get ready to play for a while before a big win (hopefully) rolls in.

Fruit Blast Slot Game Verdict Las Vegas Casino

Fruit Blast online slot is really not that different from most cluster slots, and yet by making a small tweak to the gameplay Skillzz Gaming have managed to make it feel like an entirely new kind of game. The inclusion of levels which players rise through as they play more is inspired, mirroring the levels players advance through when playing games like Candy Crush Saga and providing real incentive to keep playing just for the fun of unlocking new bartenders and trying out their special features.

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Las Vegas Casino Score: 4/5