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Unleash the Power of Gargantoonz: Play’n GO’s 7×7 Slot with Jaw-Dropping Features and a 7,000x Win Multiplier!

In the vast universe of online slots, certain titles become legendary for pushing boundaries and redefining the gaming experience. Play’n GO, a leading developer in the iGaming industry, has once again stepped into the limelight with their latest creation – Gargantoonz.

This cosmic adventure takes us back to Dr. Toonz’s laboratory, where a new experiment unfolds. If you thought Reactoonz was innovative, wait until you meet the one-eyed Gargantoon. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the cosmic theme, gameplay mechanics, symbols, and the plethora of features that make Gargantoonz an exhilarating journey into the unknown.

Gargantoonz slot theme

Gargantoonz marks a return to the familiar space-themed setting that has defined the Reactoonz series. The backdrop of the game showcases the vastness of the cosmos, with stars twinkling against the infinite expanse. However, this time, we find ourselves in Dr. Toonz’s laboratory, adding an exciting twist to the cosmic narrative.

The graphics maintain the high standard set by its predecessors, with Gargantoonz boasting even more refined visuals. The retro synth tunes add a delightful touch, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

How to Play Gargantoonz slot

Gargantoonz presents players with a 7×7 grid, a departure from the conventional reel setup. Winning combinations are formed by landing 5 or more matching symbols in a cluster. The betting options cater to a wide audience, with a minimum bet of €0.10 and a maximum bet of €100.

The game’s default RTP stands at 96.2%, offering players a fair chance at cosmic rewards. Gargantoonz operates at a mid-high volatility level, ensuring an optimal balance between risk and reward. The potential for a max win of 7000x adds an extra layer of excitement to every spin.

Compatibility is not an issue, as Gargantoonz is accessible on various devices, including mobile phones and desktops. The simplicity of gameplay mechanics ensures that both novice and seasoned players can enjoy the cosmic journey without unnecessary complications.

Gargantoonz slot symbols

The symbols that grace the Gargantoonz grid play a crucial role in determining your space journey’s trajectory. Alongside four non-paying Wilds, there are ten basic symbols that pave the way for instant prizes.

Starting with the One-Eyed Aliens, the Yellow and Green variants offer 0.1 to 20 times your stake. The intensity increases with the Red, Purple, and Light-Blue Aliens, promising 0.2 to 40 times the stake.

The Two-Eyed Aliens bring even bigger rewards. The Blue and Orange ones offer 0.5 to 250 times the bet, followed by the Green with 0.6 to 400 times the wager. The Pink Alien raises the stakes with 0.8 to 500 times the bet, and the Red Alien with Golden Horns takes the lead with a whopping 1 to 1,500 times the stake. While these payouts are generous, they align with the expectations set by grid-type slots.

Gargantoonz Slot Features

Gargantoonz comes equipped with an array of features that elevate the gameplay to celestial heights. Let’s explore these cosmic elements that make this slot game a standout in the vast galaxy of online slots.


In each round, a one-eyed symbol type is randomly chosen to fluctuate. If fluctuating symbols lead to a win, 1 to 2 Quantum Wilds emerge in the spaces where symbols were removed, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.


Even on non-winning rounds, Gargantoonz surprises players with the Discharge feature, randomly adding 4 to 8 Quantum Wilds to the grid. This unexpected boost keeps the momentum alive, ensuring that every spin holds the potential for thrilling surprises.

Experiment Charger

The Experiment Charger adds an element of anticipation to the game. Winning clusters charge the charger, with 20 symbols completing a full charge. Once charged, experiments are initiated randomly after cascades end. Successful experiments introduce unique wilds to the grid, with each subsequent experiment building on the excitement. Overcharging the charger boosts the Gargantoonz multiplier by +1, creating a dynamic gaming experience.


Gargantoonz takes experimentation to a whole new level with three possible experiments:

Gamma Ray Burst: Initiating a burst adds 7 to 9 wilds to the grid. Winning wilds count the number of symbols in their clusters, providing a unique twist to the cascading action.

Black Hole: Triggering a Black Hole adds 4 to 6 wilds to the grid. These wilds collect adjacent symbols and charge the experiment charger, offering players a strategic element to enhance their gameplay.

Supernova: The Supernova experiment introduces 3 to 5 wilds to the grid, creating a dynamic cascade as wilds move diagonally after each round. The cascading action adds an extra layer of excitement, making every spin a thrilling spectacle.

Gargantoon Charger

Each successful experiment contributes to the evolution of the Gargantoon charger, culminating in the activation of the Gargantoonz feature. The charger, starting with a multiplier of x1, increases with each overcharged experiment. The Gargantoonz feature unfolds in three steps, with 1×1 Gargantoon Wilds merging into 2×2 and then into a colossal 3×3 Gargantoon Wild. This sequence enhances the potential for massive wins, creating an exhilarating climax to the gaming session.

In the vast galaxy of online slots, Gargantoonz stands tall as a testament to Play’n GO’s ingenuity. From the visually stunning cosmic theme to the innovative features that keep players on the edge, every aspect of this slot is crafted with precision.

The journey through space, led by the quirky Dr. Toonz and his one-eyed Gargantoon, promises not just entertainment but the potential for astronomical wins. With a combination of stunning graphics, an engaging soundtrack, and a plethora of features, Gargantoonz is more than a slot game; it’s an immersive cosmic adventure that beckons players to explore the unknown.

As you spin the reels and witness the experiments unfold, the anticipation builds, and the Gargantoon Charger reaches its zenith. Brace yourself for the grand finale as the Gargantoonz feature takes center stage, showering the grid with colossal 3×3 Gargantoon Wilds and multiplying the excitement.

In conclusion, Gargantoonz is not just a slot game; it’s an odyssey through the cosmos, a thrilling escapade that combines the best of visual appeal and innovative gameplay. Join Dr. Toonz and his Gargantoon in this cosmic spectacle here at Las Vegas Casino, and let the reels unveil the marvels of Gargantoonz. May your spins be cosmic, and your wins be astronomical!

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