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Gigantoonz Slot Game | Qunatum Wilds | Las Vegas Casino

Gigantoonz Slot

Gigantoonz slot is a Play’n GO slot game that was released on January 27th, 2022. This online slot game is part of a cartoon series that includes earlier installments. Play Book of The Divine and many other slot games at the Las Vegas Casino.

Gigantoonz Slot Game graphics

Gigantoonz slot is part of Play’n GO’s ‘Toonz’ collection of online casino games and software. The game features the same whirling electric backdrop as part two, but the arrangement is cleaner, tidier, and less crowded. Across the screen, colorful creatures with wicked grins, horns, and bug-eyes appear.

On one end, a collecting meter sits, while on the other, a sleepy, three-eyed Gigantoon sleeps. It’s a game with a lot of witty flair and animations, and these Toonz are adorable on both desktop and mobile.

Gigantoonz Gameplay

Gigantoonz slot incorporates elements of two games released recently by Play n GO – Dr. Toonz and Reactoonz 2 – with minor tweaks and additions. The first difference is that the playing area has been enlarged to 808 symbols, and you must now build a cluster of 6+ symbols to win.

The second point is that there are significantly lossless features in Gigantoonz than, say, in Reactoonz 2. The third and most intriguing variation includes genuinely massive symbols in the Gigantoonz slot, which may reach 7x their average size.

Gigantoonz Symbols and payout

Winning monsters burst, which is bad news for them but excellent news for you since the leftover symbols cascade down to produce fresh wins. This characteristic of the Gigantoonz online slot will continue as long as you land six or more clusters. All lucky symbols fill the Quantumeter to the side in a series of cascades. If you gather enough symbols, a sequence of modifiers will be activated, including symbol disintegration, changes, and additional wilds.

Giant symbols come in various sizes, ranging from 2×2 to a massive 7×7, with random cluster values of up to 13x. They also leave Quantum wild symbols, which only disappear when they reach the grid’s bottom. On non-winning plays of the Gigantoonz slot machine, up to 10 random Quantum wilds might appear.

The Gargantoon awakens when the Quantumeter reaches 100+ winning symbols! At least three gigantic wilds emerge on the grid, and during any consecutive cascades, they change into single wilds.

Gigantoonz Slot Bonus Features

Compared to Reactoonz 2, Gigantoonz has reduced the features to Mega Symbols, Quantum Wilds, and four modifications from a charged Quantumeter.

Mega Symbols

Mega symbols come in 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7. Each mega symbol serves as a single sign when forming winners. However, its cluster value is decided by a randomized integer between 1 and 13. When a mega winning sign is removed from the grid, it leaves a wild on the grid, and any spaces below it are filled with its 1×1 equivalents.

Quantum Wilds

On any non-winning spin, 5 to 10 Quantum Wilds are added to the reels at random. Wilds can be utilized to replace any symbol.


On the Quantumeter, each victorious symbol counts as one charge, while gigantic symbols add their cluster value. The meter may carry up to 100 charges, and when four levels are reached, it activates four modifications. The first three are as follows:

– Disintegration – gather 25 charges to eliminate all occurrences of four symbols chosen at random

– Metamorphosis – Collect 50 charges to change all occurrences of one sign into a different symbol at random. Mega symbols are included in this· Radiation – accumulate 75 charges to add 1-4 mega symbols and 2-5 Quantum Wilds in random locations to your reels.

When 100 charges are accumulated, the Gargantoonz modification is activated in two steps:

– Step 1: All huge symbols become mega Gargantoonz, and regardless of how many huge symbols are available, at least three mega Gargantoonz appear. In addition, 2 to 4 1×1 Gargantoonz arise. With victories, Mega Gargantoonz is not eradicated

– Step 2: Mega Gargantoonz symbols are broken down into 1×1 Gargantoonz, which are then eliminated

Gigantoonz Maximum Payout, Minimum & Maximum Payout, RTP

The minimum bet of a single spin on the Gigantoonz slot game costs $/€/£0.20, and the maximum bet amount is $/€/£100 per spin on a single betting line. The maximum money you may win on a single spin playing Gigantoonz slot game is 4000x your wager.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of the Gigantoonz slot game is 96.25 %. For a online slot machine, that’s not bad.

Gigantoonz Verdict from Las Vegas Casino

The Gigantoonz slot game has a nice design and fun gameplay. The game includes bonus rounds like Quantumeter, which gives players the chance to win a massive quantity of money worth up to 4000 times their bet. Try out the Gigantoonz slot game at the Las Vegas Casino and have one of the best online slot games experience!

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