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Gonzo's Treasure Hunt - Win Real Money | Las Vegas Casino

Real-Time Thrills and Wins: Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Slot Action

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of online casinos, chances are you’ve encountered the beloved slot game, Gonzo’s Quest. This popular game has stood the test of time and continues to be a fan favorite among casino enthusiasts. But hold onto your hats, because the adventurous cartoon conquistador, Gonzo, is back for another thrilling quest in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live! Unlike its slot game predecessor, this new live game takes inspiration from exciting TV game shows, promising you a unique and exhilarating gaming experience. So, let’s dive right into our review of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live!

An Innovative Theme

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live brings together the best of both worlds – the familiar slots-style experience and the thrill of a live game show. This extraordinary fusion is the brainchild of Evolution Gaming, who proudly boast being the first to achieve such a groundbreaking combination.

The game’s setting is captivating, featuring a 7×10 grid of stones at center stage. On the left, you’ll find the spirited Gonzo himself, ready to embark on this thrilling adventure. On the right stands the live game show presenter, dressed in full jungle-exploration attire, reminiscent of the iconic Indiana Jones movies. The entire environment is polished to perfection, with smooth animations that seamlessly integrate the live presenter with the animated set pieces.

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

The beauty of playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live lies in its simplicity. The game is divided into several progressive play stages, making it easy to understand and follow along.

1. Stone Selection

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be presented with six different colored stones, each with its own multiplier value. The stones and their multipliers are as follows:

– Brown Stones = 1×

– Orange Stones = 2×

– Purple Stones = 4×

– Green Stones = 8×

– Blue Stones = 20×

– Red Stones = 65×

During this stage, you get to choose which stones you want to bet on. Keep in mind that stones with higher multipliers are rarer during the hunting stage (covered later). Additionally, you’ll select the number of searches, known as “picks,” for these stones. Each pick is represented by a hand symbol, and you can choose up to 20 picks per round. Your final bet amount depends on the number of stones you’ve selected and the number of picks you’ve made. For example, if your bet is 1 coin and you place one bet on each of the green, blue, and red stones with 5 picks, your final bet amount will be 15 coins (3 coins multiplied by 5 picks).

2. Shuffling of Stones

Once the timer runs out for the previous stage, the grid wall will rotate about the center column, shuffling the stones. The grid will transform into a blank canvas, awaiting your hunting skills.

3. Hunting for Stones

Now’s your moment to shine! Utilizing the picks you made earlier, you’ll choose spots on the 7×10 grid where you believe the stones you bet on are hidden. The more picks you have, the more spots you can choose on the wall. Keep in mind that the stones are randomly scattered across the grid, making strategizing a bit challenging. If you’re indecisive and haven’t placed all your picks in time, don’t worry! The game will randomly assign them for you, so no picks go to waste.

4. Prize Drops

This is where Gonzo takes center stage! Once the timer runs out, Gonzo whips out a massive golden key and places it in a keyhole next to the grid wall. He twists it, causing the top of the wall to spin sideways like a reel. A thinner reel of stones appears below, acting like a sieve. This is where the magic happens – various prizes and multipliers drop onto the grid wall from the top reel. The drops can be:

– Bonus Prizes: These fall on a random stone from the column beneath, adding extra points.

– Multipliers: These fall on a stone from the column beneath, multiplying its hidden value.

– Re-Drop: Recognizable by their symbol, these symbols re-spin the top prize reel. Each round can have up to 10 re-drops!


As soon as the prize drop stage concludes, the hidden stones are turned over and revealed. The stones are revealed in the order of their respective multiplier values, from the lowest to the highest. This means the brown 1× stones are revealed first, followed by the orange 2× stones, and so on, until the mighty red 65× stone is unveiled. Your hope is that the picks you placed earlier align with the stones you bet on, and the prize drops have landed on your chosen positions. Any stone revealed beneath a pick you hadn’t bet on will result in a loss for that pick, symbolized by a cracked stone.

Exciting Features to Look Out For

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live boasts some thrilling features that add to the excitement of the gameplay. The prize drop feature, in particular, can turn the tides of your game dramatically, especially if you manage to line up multiple prize re-drops consecutively. Watching your points soar and your wins multiply is an experience like no other!

Moreover, the game’s unique combination of live elements and slots-style gameplay sets it apart from other offerings in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned live game player looking for a new challenge or a slots enthusiast eager to explore live gaming, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live has something to offer to both worlds. The time limit and the lively presence of the game show host elevate the gameplay, making it an enthralling adventure that you won’t want to miss!

Effective Strategies for Success

To increase your chances of success in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, consider the following strategies:

1. Bet on All Six Stones: Betting on all six stones ensures that every pick you make will win at least something, giving you a better chance of accumulating wins.

2. Choosing the Right Number of Picks: While more picks increase your chances of winning, they also raise your bet amount. Opt for fewer picks with more stones (colors) to strike a balance between risk and reward.

3. Managing Payouts: If you choose to play different amounts on each stone, consider risking more on the lower payout symbols. Playing the lowest amounts on the red and blue tiles can be a prudent move.

4. Balanced Approach: For players choosing to play a few stones, consider going for the orange, purple, and green tiles. These stones offer a good balance between risk and reward, potentially leading to favorable outcomes.

5. Low-Risk Strategy: If you prefer a lower-risk approach, opt for the brown stone and select twenty picks. Keep in mind that this strategy may result in less substantial payouts.

In conclusion, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live offers a delightful and immersive gaming experience, combining the best elements of slots and live game shows. The straightforward gameplay, exciting features, and various betting strategies ensure that players of all levels can enjoy the thrill of the hunt. So, if you’re ready to join Gonzo on his epic treasure hunt, step into the world of Gonzo here at Las Vegas Casino.

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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is a great game for both high rollers and casual players. With its simple rules and engaging gameplay, it’s no wonder this game is so popular among online casino players.

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