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How does live casino work? | Blog | Las Vegas Casino

How does live casino work?

Things have progressed since the most popular online casinos only a few years ago provided little more than a rudimentary, 8-bit card-playing style. While casinos, online casino uk not being left out, have been trying virtual reality, 4D gaming, and cryptocurrency, one technological shift has swept the industry: live casinos. The live casino uses straightforward technology to provide a whole new gaming experience that is just as immersive and lifelike as being on the casino floor.

While live casinos remain one of the most popular types of e-gaming among populations of all sizes, few individuals understand how this best online casino works. Continue reading to discover more about the technology underpinning this new and revolutionary kind of online gaming.

The Basics of Live Casino Setup

The traits and technological aspects that an online casino and games creator must invest in to offer real-time live casinos to players in the gaming community are listed below.


Cameras play an active and significant part in the best online casino in ensuring that the player on the other end of the screen receives the essential characteristics of a casino game. Indeed, the most recent technical advancement allows for the employment of tiny cameras that relay the live footage of the casino game even more strongly than ever before.
For example, three different games would be required to enable users to participate in a roulette game from Microgaming. The roulette table would be filmed with one camera, the wheel with another, and the whole view with the third.

Game Control Unit

The Game Control Unit (GCU), which is related to the casino table game itself, is the next key feature. This gadget is relatively tiny, around the size of a small shoebox, but it is in charge of giving the code that allows the online casino games to be transmitted to players. The GCU assists the dealer in the game being shot in running the game live and is crucial in helping your access to the broadcast.


Of course, whether or not a wheel on a live online casino uk is there depends on whether or not you are playing roulette, but it will be the most critical aspect of the game if you are. You will gamble on the live momentum of a genuine roulette wheel spinning as a player. The outcome will determine whether you gain a profit or lose money.
However, the wheels do include built-in sensors that allow the casino set up to meet and act in real-time in response to the wheel’s movement. It makes it possible for the interaction between the wheel and the casino to be harmonic and in sync.

Human dealers

Dealers are essential in ensuring that live online casino uk sessions are as close to traditional gambling as possible. Live casinos guarantee that their pit bosses are well-trained, much as land-based casinos teach their dealers to be competent and professional while conducting gaming sessions. Live casinos use a smart card to trace every action of their dealers to ensure transparency.


In an best online casino, the monitor may display what online gamers see on their monitors. You should sit in a different position if you don’t want to be visible on the screen. Almost all cameras have what are known as “blind spots.”
The dealer benefits from the existence of a monitor since it motivates them to respond when required and keeps track of the wagers that can be put and those that can be closed. Thanks to the monitor, the dealer can also see who is online. Players and dealers may communicate via live chat, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly.

Optical Camera Recognition Technology

Optical Camera Recognition has been successfully utilized in the live online casino uk industry. This is the tech that saves every little detail in the game area and streams it to players via a video link. To place their bets, gamblers can use a console on their computer screen. A live chat operator is also accessible if customers want assistance.

With OCR, everything may be transformed into a useful piece of data in an electronic format. The Optical Camera Recognition system captures every movement, including card shuffling, wheel spinning, and hand distribution, making the experience of playing a live dealer casino game astonishingly similar to that of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino.

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