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How to Play Live Roulette

The appearance of live roulette may appear to be a challenging game to learn, but it is one of the simplest live online casino UK games to master. It takes a few minutes to become a professional with a simple setup and easy-to-understand bets and odds. Getting to grips with the roulette game is simple with this in-depth explanation of the rules and strategy.

Live Roulette Layout

Live roulette shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp if you’re used to playing roulette game at a real table. On the screen is a roulette table with two distinct betting sections. Outside bets are put on the broad, perpendicular betting table, while inside bets are placed on the long betting table.

The croupier in an online casino UK spins the wheel, drops the ball, and calls the winning bet, which is located at the top of the table. The dealer in most live online casino UK formats sit at a physical table, where you may place bets with real chips and see the wheel spin in real-time. Some live roulette lobbies, on the other hand, have a computer-generated wagering table with simply the dealer and the wheel. There are two kinds of live roulette wheels that are widely used:

– European Live Roulette – With a house edge of 2.7 percent, a European roulette wheel includes 37 distinct pockets ranging from 0 to 36

– American Live Roulette – The house edge on an American roulette wheel is 5.26 percent, with 38 pockets and an extra 00

While they have a similar appearance, the house edge variance attracts distinct players. If you want better chances, go with European live roulette.; if you want a challenge, go with American live roulette.

How to play Live Roulette

Playing roulette game with a live dealer at online casino UK is relatively simple. The game’s object is to guess the number or color the ball will fall on as it spins around the wheel. On a European wheel, the numbers range from 0 to 36, but on an American wheel, the numerals range from 0 to 38.

The numerals are either red or black on a roulette game. Colors change around the wheel, while numerals are allocated a color based on their place in a numerical sequence.

The croupier in an online casino UK spins the wheel after the live roulette players have put their wagers before flicking the ball around the edge in the other direction. At times, the wheel rotates in one direction and alternates between clockwise and anticlockwise rotations at other times.

When the ball decelerates, it will skip over the number segments’ edges before settling into the number wells. The croupier removes all the lost bets and sets a dolly on the winning number on the table. This is usually accomplished by sweeping them into a collecting hole on the table’s side. After that, the winning bets are paid out.

The wheel

The European live roulette wheel includes 37 numbers, ranging from 1 to 36, plus a zero. Even numerals are colored black, and odd numbers are tinted red for numbers 1-10 and 19-28. Even numerals are allocated red and odd numbers are assigned black for numbers between 11-18 and 29-36. Usually, the 0 (zero) is green. The 00 (double Zero) is an extra 0 on the American live roulette wheel that is typically green.


Typically, in a live roulette, bets are alluded to as:

– Bets on numbers or combinations of numbers within the center grid are known as inside bets

– Outside bets are wagers made on numerical combinations and patterns outside of the casino

– Inside bets have a better chance of winning than outer bets

– Then there’s the “French bets” category, which includes a variety of unique bet patterns

Inside Odds and Bets

Single-number bets in a roulette game are known as inside bets. In live roulette, you may place a variety of inside wagers, including:

– Straight – A single number wager (two, 23, 14, etc.) has a 35:1 payout, implying that a £1 wager would return £35 in earnings

– Split – a bet put on the line that divides two adjacent numbers, with the chip put on the line dividing them, with a 17:1 payout

– Street – This roulette game wager is made on three consecutive numbers with chances of 11:1

– Corner – You put an 8:1 wager on four different numbers

– Line – With odds of 5:1, a line bet is put across two rows with six different numbers

how does the game of roulette work

Outside Odds and Bets

A set of numbers is the subject of outside bets. There are a variety of outside bets available in both live roulette and online roulette game at online casino UK:

– Red/Black – With odds of 1:1, you wager on whether the ball will rest on a red or black number

– Odd/Even – With odds of 1:1, you gamble on whether the ball will rest in an odd or even pocket

– High/Low – Last but not least, you may wager on whether the ball will rest on a number between 1-18 and 19-36 at chances of 1:1

– Dozens – You select a set of 12 numbers with chances of 2:1 from across the table

– Column – This wager is put on one of the inner bet columns, with odds of 2:1, and includes 12 numbers

French Bets

Tiers du Cylindre/Third of the Wheel (Tier)

In roulette game, this wager will require six chips and will cover a sum of 12 numbers:

– On The 5/8 Split, One Chip

– On The 10/11 Split, One Chip

– On The 13/16 Split, One Chip

– On The 23/24 Split, One Chip

– On The 27/30 Split, One Chip

– On The 33/36 Split, One Chip

Orphelins à Cheval/Orphans (Orphelins)

In roulette game, this wager will require five chips and will cover the following eight numbers:

– One Chip On 1 (Straight-Up)

– On The 6/9 Split, One Chip

– On The 14/17 Split, One Chip

– On The 17/20 Split, One Chip

– On The 31/34 Split, One Chip

Note: This wheel section is not covered by either the Tiers du Cylindre or the Voisins du Zero.

Voisins de Zéro/Neighbours of Zero (Voisins)

In live roulette, this wager will be made with nine chips and will cover the following 17 numbers:

– On the 0/2/3 trio, two chips

– On the 4/7 split, one chip

– On the 12/15 split, one chip

– On the 18/21 split, one chip

– On the 19/22 split, one chip

– On the 25/26/28/29 corner, two chips

– On the 32/35 split, one chip

Jeu Zero/Zero Game (Zero)

In live roulette, this wager will be made with four chips and will cover the following seven numbers:

– On the 0/3 split, one chip

– On the 12/15 split, one chip

– One chip on 26 (straight-up)

– On the 32/35 split, one chip

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