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Is blackjack online legal

There is no government legislation prohibiting online blackjack. Although it is not permitted in some places, punishment would be exceedingly unlikely and would most likely be directed at any facility rather than the player.

Playing blackjack for real money on an online blackjack casino is entirely secure. According to reports, some nations have made it illegal to play blackjack online for real money. Is it, however, true? Let’s face this issue front-on and find a solution to this perplexing and widely misunderstood problem.

Federal law does not make it illegal to play blackjack online in any way

So, let’s be clear about something: There is no federal law prohibiting internet casinos, which is a myth based on a misunderstanding of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which states:

“The legislation prohibits casinos from collecting money in connection with another person’s participation in a bet or wager that requires the use of the Internet and is prohibited under any state and federal law (termed “restricted”).”

This means that banks cannot knowingly accept transactions resulting from an unlawful internet wager. It makes no mention of it being banned for a player to engage in internet gambling!

Another rationale some individuals may believe it is prohibited is because the Federal Wire Act, which is connected to sports betting but does not apply to whether or not online blackjack is lawful since they are deemed different types of gambling, is confusing.

Is there any state legislation that expressly permits online blackjack

Another factor determining whether it is legal to bet on an online blackjack casino is perplexing that most states lack explicit rules related to internet gambling in general. Online gambling is deemed lawful if there is no particular law barring it. However, three states have established legislation specifically enabling online blackjack gambling, namely:

New Jersey

In response to the faltering economy of Atlantic City, New Jersey was the first state to authorize online blackjack casino. In February 2013, the state enacted law A2578 by a large margin, and wagers were being made from all around the Garden State well before the end of the year.

The most robust online casino environment in the United States is New Jersey. Tropicana, Borgata, Hard Rock, and the Golden Nugget are among the well-known brick-and-mortar casinos in Atlantic City, as are worldwide online stalwarts Betfair, Stars Casino, PartyCasino, and Unibet. There are a variety of places and games to choose from. All of your favored casino games, including online blackjack, bingo, are accessible online.


Michigan created the basis for internet gambling, online blackjack, poker, and sports gambling in December 2019. Still, owing to regulatory challenges and COVID-related delays, it had to wait until January 2021 to become live.

The number of brick-and-mortar casinos in Michigan is deceivingly high. There are three casinos in the Detroit area and more than 20 tribal casinos in the state. Like West Virginia, Michigan might allow up to fifteen online blackjack casino sites. Each of the three commercial facilities has an online partner and each of the twelve legally acknowledged tribes (some of which have more than one retail site).

is online blackjack fair


After an almost six-year wait, Pennsylvania has officially joined New Jersey in allowing internet casinos. Although the state-authorized iGaming in October 2017, it took nearly 18 months for online blackjack to hit the market.

Pennsylvania now has a plethora of casino options. There are now more than 10 online casinos operating within its borders. Online companies like DraftKings and FanDuel and the state’s big brick-and-mortar powers like Parx and Rivers now have online expansions.

Surprisingly, Nevada has legalized internet poker but has barred online casino gaming.

Technically, Online Blackjack Is Prohibited in The Following States

– Illinois
– Indiana
– Louisiana
– Montana
– Nevada
– Oregon
– South Dakota
– Wisconsin

Nine states have legislation prohibiting online blackjack casino, although it should be emphasized that these regulations are aimed at the online casinos, not the players. The chances of getting prosecuted criminally are pretty slim, and even if you were, it would almost certainly be a misdemeanor.

There is just one online instance from 2003 in North Dakota in which a participant, Jeffrey Trauman, pleaded guilty to placing a wager over $500 and was punished with a misdemeanor and fined $500.

Consult an Attorney If You’re Unsure

When in dispute if online blackjack is permitted in your state, seek expert legal advice: This article is intended to guide online blackjack casino, players and is not intended to be legally binding. As a result, if you have any more complicated questions, you should get legal advice.

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