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Is It Better to Play 2 Hands in Blackjack?

Is it Better to Play 2 Hands in Blackjack?

Do you know that most casinos allow the players to play with 2 hands in Blackjack at a time? When a table is full, then you may find it difficult to play with two hands. But most online Blackjack casinos offer tables, which are not full. You will not be limited to playing with your two hands. Yes, it is right. You can play with multiple hands.

If you are eager to play with two hands at a time, you need to evaluate your reasoning for this in a rational way. Also, you need a trusted online Blackjack guide to walk in the right direction. In this context, it is important to note that Blackjack is known as a game of luck. Playing with two hands cannot change your luck. The house edge will remain the same regardless of how many hands you are using.

What does Playing Multiple Hands Mean?

For an in-depth understanding, it is better to consider some examples. Let’s imagine that you have decided to play Online Blackjack with one hand at a time and the amount is $5 per hand. If the house edge in your casino is 0.4% and you have employed the right basic strategy, then it can be considered a two-deck game. This kind of game comes with good rules. If the casino is currently not crowded, you are earning 200 hands per hour.

In such a case, you can easily calculate the amount you may lose. You need to multiply the number of bets you are dealing with per hour (200) by their size ($5) in order to get the total amount of hourly action. In this case, you are actually investing $1000 in actions per hour. House edge is the amount a casino expects to earn in the long run. So, you should multiply the house edge by the action. Consequently, you can expect a loss of $4 per hour.

Now, let’s imagine another situation. The table is the same, the rules are the same, the amount per hand is the same, and the strategy is also the same. The only difference is that now you are playing online Blackjack with two hands per hour. As you are playing with two hands, the game slows down a little bit and it is multiplied by 2. You are receiving 320 hands per hour. It implies that your hourly action reaches $1600. Your expected loss will be 0.4% of $1600 (the result is $6.40 per hour).

No doubt you are losing more money while playing with two hands per hour. It is also an undeniable fact that the more hands you use, the closer you get to the mathematically predicted results. For instance, if you are all set to bet on a short-term lucky streak, you can play with multiple hands to reduce that probability. If you are assisted by the right online Blackjack guide, you can do well in such a circumstance as it needs a wise decision.

Let’s move toward the third situation. You are playing the same game with a single difference. In this case, you are counting cards, and you have a 0.4% house edge. You can expect a win of $4 per hour. If you are playing with two hands, you can expect a win of $6.40 per hour. By counting the cards, you can receive more information quickly. The more cards you will consider, the more accurate your count will become.

how to win with 2 hands in blackjack


If you stick to the bet size and are not able to make twice as many bets per hour, your win or loss of money will depend on your mathematical expectation. An average player may lose more per hour while wise and experienced players may win per hour.

By reducing the size of your bets and the number of hands you are receiving per hour, you will lose comparatively more money. If you are a basic online Blackjack strategy player, you may see a net loss. However, this net loss is lower than what you would find in almost any online casino game.

Surely you can play online Blackjack with two hands, but you also have other alternatives. You can also reduce your play to tables by relying on a minimum number of players.

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