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Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better video poker slot is a pretty simple poker game by Genii which was first released in 2012 and has since become quite popular in online casinos. It’s easy to get to grips with the rules and quick to play, offering some decent payouts for lucky players, and it plays the same way other classic Jacks or Better video poker variations play. Let’s take a look at the game’s visuals and how to play before considering our final opinion.

Jacks Or Better Video Slot Game Theme

This video poker slot is a simple but attractive video poker game. The Jacks or Better online casino game’s layout is easy to follow which makes playing a little easier, and for a game which is eight years old, it still doesn’t look half bad. It’s easy to keep track of your hand and your score, which means players looking for a video poker game to throw on and relax with might find this a solid option.

Jacks Or Better Online Video Poker Gameplay

This is a simple video casino cards slot game with one simple rule to remember: players have a winning hand if they land a hand consisting of a pair of Jacks or better – the clue is in the name here. This keeps the game simple to play and the rules are easy to remember; the top paying hand in Jacks or Better is the royal flush, which is essentially the jackpot payout for this game. It’s unlikely, but always possible, that players will land a royal flush, and this adds an extra element of excitement to this simple video poker game.

Video Poker Slot Features

Jacks or Better video poker slot is a pretty straightforward video poker slot which is going to appeal to players who aren’t looking for bells and whistles. As such, it doesn’t really pack in any special features, but in this case, that’s OK – they’re not needed. There’s enough excitement on the cards to make Jacks or Better worth playing.

Jacks Or Better Slot Game Return To Player

This Genii’s video poker slot offers an average return to player of 95%, which isn’t bad for a slot like this and means that wins come in fairly frequently. This means that for every €/£/$100 players spend playing Jacks or Better, they can expect to win back an average of €/£/$95, so it’s not too costly to play this video poker game even if you decide to sink the whole night into it.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

Jacks or Better online slot is a classic game of video poker for a good reason: it’s simple to understand, fast to play, and feels well balanced for most players. There’s no messing around with faffy high cards or low pairs, and most Jacks Or Better players should know a good winning hand when they see one.

While the game was first released in 2012, it still looks good today and does the job well. For players looking for a fun way to spend an evening playing cards, most could do a lot worse than Genii’s Jacks or Better video poker game.

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