King Kong Cash Slot Game Review

One of the best things about online slot games is that they can come in all different kinds of themes, making each set of reels you find online unique and engaging.

Hollywood films and TV classics can provide great reference points for online slot games and to some extent, this is the case here in this King Kong Cash slot game. Using the iconic giant ape who once rampaged through New York streets in an old school movie that first emerged in the 1930s, King Kong is animated in a little more fun and friendly way here in this fun to play, cartoon video slot game. Known as the Eight Wonder of the World, King Kong Cash can provide some cash wins worthy of such a title, offering 5 reels to work with as you spin and hopefully win.

King Kong Cash Developer

The developer of online slot games is a really important factor to consider when choosing which of the many, many online slot machines to play. This is because just as each slot machine is different to the last, each developer has its own way of creating and developing these titles and regular slot game players will have their favourite developers as well as games.

King Kong Cash was developed by the talented people at Blueprint Gaming who, with an always growing selection of online slot games to choose from, having a reputation that is growing as well. This developer specialises in fun and instantly likeable graphics, with slick animations and mobile functionality being a stape of their output. Blueprint Gaming has certainly done a fine job here with King Kong Cash, bringing a legendary character into slot machine action and doing so with a sense of humour, as naps on the side of the reels.

About King Kong Cash Slot Game

King Kong Cash, as mentioned, has some lovely cartoon-style graphics and this helps to make the game a lot more fun and a lot less terrifying than that original King Kong movie back in 1933. With 5 reels to play on and an RTP of 95.80%, the gameplay is fairly standardised for a modern online slot game but this sense of familiarity is sure to be a hit with regular players of online slots. On the reels, symbols include the likes of crocodiles, tigers, parrots and rhinos as the game draws on something of a jungle theme. You will also notice some less theme relevant symbols with standard playing cards acting as the lower-paying icons in this slot game.

As for bonus features, when King Kong awakes from his nap on the side of the reels there is a really nice selection of extra features. From the Banana Cannon Wilds feature to the Big Monkey Bonus, these features will come in handy as you try and maximise your wins. The latter Big Monkey Bonus is perhaps the most impressive of all the bonus features in King Kong Cash, offering the chance to win an enticing 1000 times your stake.

All in all, this is a really well-rounded online slot game that offers great bonuses and a good sense of humour.

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