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Trust us, we understand the feeling when you seek for the most realistic casino experience without the bummer of a trip to a land based casino. But don’t worry because the thrill of the glitz, the ambience of the Bellagio and those beautiful green velvet tables are right here at Las Vegas Casino at the distance of a couple of clicks. Our Live Casino Games bring Vegas to you with all the characters involved, the live dealers, real fellow players and big wins.

One of the biggest booms in the online casino world is the live casino games that are offered by our online casino. Such has been the advance in these online casino games that it influenced our selection of games to provide you the most realistic experience possible. At Las Vegas Casino we pride ourselves on bringing you the best live casino gaming experience, whether the games are from Evolution Gaming or other provider.

What Is a Live Casino Game?

A live casino game is basically your favourite table games, but rather than being computer generated they are played out in real life like it would be in an actual casino, but with the player not having to leave their home. Basically you only need access to the web and a computer or mobile device to play live casino games.

With real life dealers and croupiers either dealing or spinning the wheel, you are playing the same game you would in an online room but with a more human feel to it. As well as having actual dealers, you will be joined on the online table game by other players, offering up that true live casino experience from your desktop or mobile device!

Each of our live casino games at Las Vegas Casino is available to be played on a desktop or much more remotely via a smartphone or a tablet with our optimised mobile platform the envy of many, offering you the gamer an amazing, more enhanced experience in the palm of your hand!

Las Vegas Casino Live Games Offer

Whether you prefer roulette table game, blackjack, three card poker or baccarat card game you can play all these casino table games live here at Las Vegas Casino, with our leading dealers waiting to provide you with your live casino experience.

Las Vegas Casino Live Roulette

Don’t just stick to playing roulette on a computer screen, play it in our live room where playing live roulette could not be simpler!

Much like in the online casino rooms, you place your bets on a computerised graphic by pressing the area on the picture that you wish to bet on, however unlike the online version of the game, you have a set time limit with which to place your bets, in keeping with being inside a bricks and mortar casino, so do not dwell on which bets you want to place and run the risk of not having your wager allowed!

All the popular bets from Roulette games are available in the live casino roulette at Las Vegas Casino such as odd or even, red or black, single numbers, splits, trios, corners and streets, with each bet having the same win payout as the online version.

Enjoy all the fun of roulette live casino games with the full glamorous casino experience courtesy of our elite croupiers who keep the game moving while you play from home!

Las Vegas Casino Live Blackjack

One of the best live casino experiences can be found in live blackjack where our premier dealers are on hand to provide you with the full blackjack adventure at the tips of your fingers.

Once again you are playing your favorite blackjack games live so you need to be sharp with your timings, but watch on as the live dealer deals you out real cards before making the decision whether to hit or stand, as you go about building your hand to as close as 21 as you can.

When playing live blackjack games at Las Vegas Casino, place your bets by pressing the relevant button on the screen, all while seeing the action unfold in person in front of you!

You’ll be able to see one of the live dealer’s cards to allow you to make strategic decisions during the game such as whether to double down or split a hand, while also being able to see the cards of the other players so that you have all the information needed to give you the best possible chance of winning during your live gameplay on live blackjack online casino table games.

Enjoy the full blackjack experience while playing from the comfort of your favourite armchair with our many live blackjack tables right here!

Las Vegas Casino Live Three Card Poker

If three card poker is your favorite casino game why not play it at one of our live casino tables, where our expert live dealers are on hand to provide you with the complete three card experience!

Tap in and get ready to enjoy the vibe that only the live casino brings as you tackle one of the popular forms of poker cards game. Watch as the other three cards poker players play their hand before you get your turn to decide whether or not to play the dealer.

Place your ante bet in the same way you would at an online casino and watch on as the dealer deals your three cards in person. Then use all the information available on the screen of the live three cards poker game to make the decision whether to risk a play bet or fold. Remember the live dealer needs at least a pair of Queens to be part of the live game as in online games!

If you are missing the buzz of live three card poker have no fear, here at Las Vegas Casino we bring the full live trip to you through your desktop or handset!

Las Vegas Casino Live Baccarat

One of the higher stakes games in a casino is Baccarat and that does not miss out on the live table experience here at Las Vegas Casino, so if this live game is your fix then have no fear we have you covered!

Our outstanding dealers are on hand ready to deal the cards that could see you win big if you can correctly predict whether your hand will beat the dealer, or if it will be a tie.

Play the game along in real time with a real life dealer and other Baccarat players at the live table all with the aim of guessing the winning hand correctly to see the winnings roll in!

Our live baccarat tables are extremely popular games as you get to taste the full baccarat action without having to leave your home!

Play Live Casino games at Las Vegas Casino

With many tables of the biggest and best casino games at your disposal at the click or push of a button, there is no need to go anywhere else for your live casino fix!

Whether you are a regular live casino player or someone looking to taste it for the first time, allow Las Vegas Casino digitally enhanced and mobile optimised live games to provide you with the endless excitement that physically being in a casino brings, all from the comfort of your own home!

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