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Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch Video Slot | Las Vegas Casino

Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch

Microgaming is arguably one of the most consistent and well-balanced developers of online slots out there. And in a worthy sequel to their original Lost Vegas, Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch is one of their most creative scratch slots till date.

The player is immersed into the magical city of Vegas, except it has been hit by a mysterious and maleficent zombie apocalypse. As opposed to the original, this slot game focuses on the survivors.

Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch is played through a rigid 3×3 reels and 9 scratch cards. Through an exquisite theme and some interesting multiplier features within standard gameplay, this is a slot you do not want to miss out on!

Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch Visuals

Microgaming succeeds in creating a top-end immersive environment for the player. Through some exquisite graphics, you feel as though you are in a popular horror movie at times. This online slot is set in a mysterious shack wherein the player must strategize their next moves in order to survive.

Lost Vegas video slot game unsurprisingly uses a dark color palette to complement the theme. Furthermore, its symbols include the likes of a golfer, a girl with a club, and a sheriff – characters that you’d likely find in such a situation. These contribute to the excellent design in this video slot.

Video Slot Gameplay

The betting range of Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch is between 0.25 to 100 credits per game. This is fairly broad and is thus, accommodative of budget players and high-rollers alike. This slot has a simple and easy to navigate user interface and functions without fault across all devices.

The objective of this online slot is to obtain similar symbols adjacent to each other in order to yield payouts. Note that some symbols yield higher payouts than others. For instance, as opposed to the golfer that yields 1x the original bet, the sheriff yields 20x the bet if you unveil 3 of his scratch cards.

Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch has a maximum payout of 250x the original stake. This can be won by combining standard gameplay with its features and bonuses.

Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch Features

The game’s Welcome Fortune feature is the gateway to Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch’s jackpot. The player must combine all available hands that they have and their hand is evaluated accordingly.

Additionally, the Lightning button reveals the positioning of the scratch cards on the reels. This feature can be used strategically as the player has more control over the outcome of the hand.

As the crux of this scratch slot is largely connected to its original gameplay, it does not have any bonus features. However the game’s autoplay feature could be triggered to facilitate a faster gameplay.

Return to Player

The return to player (RTP) of Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch is 96%. This means that theoretically, a player wins an average of 96 for every 100 bet made, Note that this average is a cumulative of over 4000 attempts.

Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch Verdict by Las Vegas Casino

With a stunningly immersive theme and some hefty payouts within standard gameplay, Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch commands a top-end replay value.

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