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Monopoly Big Spin Slots | Epic Jackpots | Las Vegas Casino

Monopoly Big Spin Slot Game Review

Monopoly Big Spin is a one of a kind progressive slot game from Shuffle Master. This online slot game is inspired from the classic Monopoly board game. Play Monopoly Big Spin and many other slot games at the Las Vegas Casino.

Monopoly Big Spin Slot Game Graphics

Monopoly Big Spin is based on the classic board game Monopoly and the developers have done a great job in using that theme to make a slot machine. At the centre of the screen is a big wheel and Mr. Monopoly can be seen in the centre of it. The slot machine looks colorful from the outset and the soundtrack goes well with the theme of the slot game. There are a lot of lines to place your bets on and the developer has done a great job to detail everything to avoid any confusion.

Monopoly Big Spin Gameplay

Monopoly Big Spin is built to resemble a roulette wheel. The Wheel has 14 betting lines – 8 different property colors and 6 special zones. To play, all you need to do is, to select your bet amount and place it on the available 14 betting lines. You can place bets on multiple lines and on each line you can place bets in the amounts of $/€/£0.10 up to $/€/£50, in total you can place a maximum of $/€/£700 on one spin. The spin button is enabled when you place a bet on at least one zone. The payouts of each color and special zone are listed below:

– Dark Blue Colour that pays 25x the stake.
– Green Colour that pays 17x the stake.
– Yellow Colour that pays 12x the stake.
– Red Colour that pays 10x the stake.
– Orange Colour that pays 8x the stake.
– Purple Colour that pays 7x the stake.
– Light Blue Colour that pays 6x the stake.
– Brown Colour that pays 5x the stake.

Monopoly Big Spin Bonus Features

In addition to the 8 different colors mentioned above, the Monopoly Big Spin slot game also has bonus zones such as Community Chest, Utilities, Railroads, Chance, Free Parking and GO.

Community Chest

After spinning the wheel, if it stops in the Community Chest zone, the player will be awarded a PUSH+1 spin of the Bonus Wheel.


The Utilities Zone pays 12x the stake.


The Railroads Zone also pays 12x the stake.


The Chance section will award a PUSH+1 spin of the Bonus Wheel.

Free Parking

The Free Parking section will pay 30x the stake and also awards 2 Free Spins.

GO Feature

The GO section pays 40x the stake and a Free Spin.

Bonus Wheel

The Bonus Wheel round is triggered when the wheel stops at Community Chest, Chance, Free Parking and Go. The Bonus Wheel has 10 segments, each segment has an image of Mr. Monopoly in different styles and comes with a multiplier. The multiplier values are 5x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 10x, 20x, 20x, 30x, 50x, 200x.

Mega Drop Jackpot

The Monopoly Big Spin slot game has a Mega Drop that consists of three progressive jackpots – Minor, Major and Epic. A proportion of players’ total bet in each spin will contribute towards the progressive jackpot. All the jackpots have a payout value before which they will drop. The jackpot payout will be awarded to the player once the jackpot reaches its maximum value. After the jackpot amount is rewarded, the jackpot amount is reset to 25% of the jackpot amount rewarded and the amount will start to grow from there again with each spin.

Monopoly Big Spin Maximum Payout, Minimum and Maximum Bets, RTP

The minimum bet amount per spin in the Monopoly Big Spin slot game is $/€/£0.10 and the maximum bet amount on a single betting line per Spin is $/€/£50. The maximum permitted bet on the table per spin is $/€/£700. The maximum amount one can win from a single spin in the Monopoly Big Spin slot is $/€/£250,000.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of the Monopoly Big Spin slot game is 95.70% which is low for a slot game.

Monopoly Big Spin Verdict from Las Vegas Casino

The Monopoly Big Spin slot game has an excellent design and the developers have done well to make a roulette style slot machine out of a classic board game. The Monopoly Big Spin has many bonus features and the payout of the regular color symbols is high as well. Try out the Monopoly Big Spin slot game at the Las Vegas Casino and have one of the best online slot games experience!

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