Planet of the Apes Slot Game Review

Planet of the Apes is a blockbuster slot game from NetEnt, one of the biggest developers in the online casino industry working today. The game is based on the modern reboots of the original Planet of the Apes classic, and combines two films in one; players stake just one bet to spin two sets of reels, one based on Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the other based on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This isn’t a feature you see very often in slot games, and it certainly makes Planet of the Apes a memorable entry from NetEnt.

Planet Of The Apes Gameplay

As noted above, this game combines two sets of reels, each one based upon a different Planet of the Apes film. The reels work in slightly different ways, and both the mechanics and the visuals of each set are unique; while the ‘Rise’ side of the games feels bright and optimistic, the ‘Dawn’ side of the reels is somewhat darker, in fitting with the style of both films. This distinctive game gives the feeling of playing two slot games at once, without having to stake twice the money, which is fantastic for players who need more action to hold their interest.

Planet Of The Apes Special Features

Two games, two separate game mechanics. On the left, Rise of the Apes side of the screen, you can win additional cash bonuses for every human and ape symbol in sight every time the Rise symbol lands on the first reel. On the second set of reels, on the Dawn of the Apes side of the game, every human and ape symbol on this set of reels transforms into the same symbol whenever you land a Dawn symbol on the final reel. This bonus is particularly valuable, potentially netting you up to 1,000 times your initial stake. These bonus features are pretty good as it is, and having two of them in one game makes this quickfire game all the more fun.

Planet Of The Apes Mobile Adaptability

NetEnt is an immensely popular software developer, and it’s clear they’ve got both the talent and the means to develop highly enjoyable games which appeal to a wide audience; today, a large part of this audience want to play games on mobile, and NetEnt are happy to oblige. Like most of NetEnt’s modern creations, Planet of the Apes works smoothly across devices, including both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, so players who prefer to pick up and play when it’s convenient will be happy.

Planet Of The Apes Return To Player

The Return to Player (RTP) of Planet of the Apes is 96.3%, which is more than a lot of slot games offer. If you spend £100 playing Planet of the Apes, you’ll likely win about £96.30 back, which is still a loss, but a minor one, and obviously most of us play in the hopes of beating the odds and landing a windfall anyway. Statistically, you’re no less likely to make a profit on this game than the vast majority of other slot games out there, so if you enjoy Planet of the Apes as much as we do, that’s as good a reason as any to get out there and play.

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