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Playboy Gold Jackpots Game | Jackpot Slot | Las Vegas Casino

Playboy Gold Jackpots

This is the third in the series of slot games themed around the Playboy franchise, produced by Triple Edge Studios & Microgaming. As you might expect from any Microgaming production, the slot game promises high quality graphics and simple, streamlined gameplay. It has been optimised for mobiles, so it’s easy to play on a wide variety of devices.

Playboy Gold Jackpots Video Slot Gameplay

The online slot game has a classic feel – with a 5 by 6 set of reels. This means that there are a total of 30 different paylines in Playboy Gold Jackpots video slot game, offering many different ways to win. As you spin you’ll see the game’s standard suits from a pack of cards, as well as a series of Playboy bunnies. As the bunnies appear, they’ll reward you with various multiples of your stake.

You’ll also see three different types of wild cards (2X, 3X and 5X) in Playboy Gold Jackpots game which can substitute for other slot game’s symbols on the reels, and help increase your chances of netting a winning combination.

There’s another interesting feature in Playboy Gold Jackpots slot game, known as Jumbo Blocks, which means that as the symbols stack up on the middle three reels, they can form bigger blocks which increase the chances of landing a big win.

Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot Game Free Spins

Each time you spin you can raise or lower your stake using the straightforward user interface. Of course, as with most exciting slot games, there is also the chance to earn free spins in Playboy Gold Jackpots online slot game. As you play, keep your eyes open for the wheel symbol. If you manage to get a full wheel jumbo block, you will open the bonus spins feature.

This can trigger 10 free spins, and at this stage, you can be on course to win anywhere from 20 to 2,500 times your total stake.

Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot Game RTP

All online slot games will have an RTP grading, this represents the proportion of the money that is wagered, which is returned to the player as winnings. In short, it gives you an indication of the likelihood of getting a payout. Playboy Gold Jackpots slot game has an RTP of 96.08%, which is in line with the industry average – putting it somewhere in the middle ground amongst the range of online slots on offer.

Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot Game Volatility?

Aside from RTP, the other stat that players are generally most interested in is the volatility rating for an online slot game. High volatility games offer the most unpredictable gameplay – the wins can be huge, but the game doesn’t pay out as often.

Low volatility slot games tend to offer regularly frequent wins, which can provide a more satisfying experience for casual players – although the wins are generally not the tremendous jackpot sizes that you might find in a high volatility game. Playboy Gold Jackpots online slot game offers a good balance, it has medium volatility, meaning there are reasonably regular payouts of different levels, making it a good option for beginners or more experienced players.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

Overall the online slot game offers an enjoyable gaming option for all levels of player, who want a simple and rewarding slot game with medium levels of payout and volatility.

Get into an unforgettable online casino experience brought by Las Vegas Casino whose mission is to provide you with the thrill of the glitz like you would have in Vegas. Check more of the most popular slot games after rating the Playboy Gold Jackpots slot game.

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