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Premier Roulette

Las Vegas Casino players looking for a top online igaming experience should look no further than Microgaming’s Premier Roulette casino table game.

This game features some excellent graphics and visuals, as well as a number of features that help make this Premier Roulette game stand high above many of the other variants that have been provided by developers previously.

Premier Roulette Game Graphics

The first thing that players may notice when they play this table game by Microgaming is that the game screen has been split into two halves. The roulette wheel can be seen in the top half of the screen, whilst the game’s racetrack – which has been designed to allow 6 different colours – remains at the bottom. These two sections have both been designed with some impressive graphics that provide a sense of realism to players who access this game as they do not look any different to many found in a traditional casino.

Premier Roulette Online Casino Table Gameplay

There are 2 different game modes available to play in this online table game, with a regular and an expert mode. The only difference in these two modes of Premier Roulette is the number of bet options that are available, as well as some additional features that can be found.

Placing a bet on this roulette game is rather simple, and there are a significant number of options available. Bets can be chosen from things such as the popular Red/Black Splits, Les Orphelins, Tiers du Cylinder and Voisins du Zero straight from the racetrack. Furthermore, bets such as 007, Snake, Chip Bomb, and Random 7 can be accessed as well.

Players are able to play this game from their mobile devices, as it has been fully optimisedfor that kind of play.

Premier Roulette Game Features

There are a number of additional features available in this Premier Roulette game from Microgaming that players can look to make the most of. There are a number of buttons in the top-half of the game screen – to the right of the Premier Roulette wheel – which allows for the gameplay experience to be customised. These include things such as video zoom, win details, normal and turbo speed mode, neighbours menu and a history tab that shows the previous 8 bets to have been placed.

Premier Roulette RTP & Stakes Size

Microgaming have set the return to player (RTP) rate for this online casino game at 97.30%, thus providing players with a good chance of winning when they place a significant number of bets on the racetrack. Players are able to make a wide array of bets as there are chips available from between €/£/$0.25 and €/£/$1,000 to place!

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

Players looking for a top online roulette casino game should look no further than Microgaming’s Premier Roulette game as this can be argued to be one of the best available at Las Vegas Casino. The detailed graphics help provide players with the right atmosphere, whilst the features make for a nice touch that can further enhance the overall gameplay experience provided when spinning the game’s wheel.

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