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ReDeal Blackjack - Win Real Money | Las Vegas Casino

ReDeal Blackjack Brings the Revolution in Online Blackjack!

Get ready for an online blackjack revolution! Thanks to Switch Studios and Microgaming, ReDeal Blackjack is coming to spice things up at the blackjack table. ReDeal Blackjack is a true game-changer because of a brand-new gaming element that gives you control over your decisions.

You have the option to redeal the card you just received or even your entire hand if you don’t like the cards you now possess. You may even redeal the dealer’s hand. This clever innovation flips blackjack on its head, adding depth, strategy, and possibilities to outsmart the dealer.


ReDeal Blackjack is an enjoyable new way to play online blackjack. The opulent colors, sharp visuals, quick load time, and ReDeal gaming mechanism might revolutionize the way you play blackjack for good.

The goal of the game is to defeat the dealer, and the way to do this is to assemble a hand of cards that is worth more than the dealer’s hand and closer to 21. Anyone who breaks 21 loses the game and goes broke.

To begin the game, you must put a bet on the table. The minimum and maximum bets are 10 and 50 coins, respectively. If you split or double down, your wager will grow to 100 coins. ReDeal Blackjack, which is available on desktop and mobile casinos, is a very low volatility game with a strategic aspect that allows for incredibly rewarding. Experience the blackjack revolution for yourself here at Las Vegas Casino.

Game Rules

ReDeal Blackjack uses two decks of cards. In blackjack, the dealer must stand on 17, and the payout is 3:2. The dealer deals you a card, deals one card face up to themself, deals you another card, and then deals one more card to themselves face down.

You can then choose to hit, stand, double down, or split. You can only double down if your first two cards are 9, 10, or 11 and neither is an ace. If you double down, your wager doubles, the dealer delivers you one more card, and you stand.

When you split, you regard each card as a distinct hand and receive two fresh cards, adding a stake equal to your standard bet to the table. Pairs can only be split once every game. It is not considered a blackjack hand if you split aces and then draw a 10, and vice versa. Split hands must be finished before the dealer makes a play. You cannot double down after splitting.

Exciting Features

So what if you have a terrible hand or don’t like the sight of the dealer’s card on the table? This is when the ReDeal function comes into play. There are three choices. Play Hand replaces your complete hand, Dealer Hand redeals all of the dealer’s cards, and Last Card redeals the last card you received, even if you just lost the hand.

The redeal option is not accessible if you are dealt a natural (blackjack on the first two cards), if your hand totals 21, or if you double down or split. There is a fee associated with the Dealer Hand option, which is indicated on the screen.

Additionally, ReDeal Blackjack offers a Caution Prompt function that notifies you when you might want to avoid making certain strategic choices, including standing on 10 or hitting on 17 or higher. You’ll essentially receive a popup asking you to confirm your decision. It’s a good method to avoid mishaps!

ReDeal Blackjack is the game for you if you’re looking for a revolutionary casino game that is easy to play, and has great game features. Head to Las Vegas Casino now to experience this thrilling online casino game first-hand! We also have online mobile casino games for you, if you like to play while on the go.

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