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Rising Rewards Slot – Big Payouts | Las Vegas Casino

Discover the Thrills of Rising Rewards Slot

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of casino slots? Today, we’re going to dive into a thrilling game known as Rising Rewards, developed by the talented team at Triple Edge Studios. Imagine stepping into a virtual casino with neon lights and a fast-paced atmosphere, much like the famous Las Vegas Strip. Just like the casinos that line this iconic destination, Rising Rewards offers a chance to strike it big and take home some incredible rewards. So, let’s take a closer look at what this game has in store for you!

The backdrop of Rising Rewards is reminiscent of a lively casino floor, with shades of purple and vibrant neon lights setting the stage for excitement. The game’s layout places the reels slightly to the right, while the enticing Jackpot Wheel gleams on the left side of the screen. Above each reel, you’ll notice different multiplier levels, with the most substantial multiplier positioned on the central reel. This attention to detail enhances the overall casino ambiance, making you feel like you’re right in the heart of the action.

Now, let’s talk about the symbols that make Rising Rewards truly come to life. The lower-paying symbols include a green clover, blue diamond, purple heart, and red heart. Achieving a combination of 5 identical symbols will earn you payouts ranging from 0.80X to 1.20X. On the other hand, the higher-paying symbols feature a green chip, golden bell, gold bar, and red 7. These symbols hold even more promise, with payouts ranging from 2X to 8X for landing 5 symbols of the same type.

Keep an eye out for the game’s special symbols! The wild symbol, represented by a blue diamond with the word “Wild” on it, can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. The Scatter symbol, denoted by the text “Bonus,” is your ticket to unlocking exciting bonus features. And then there’s the Jackpot Trigger Symbol, a silver diamond resting on a golden coin, which has the potential to trigger an exhilarating Jackpot Wheel feature.

Ready to jump into the gameplay of Rising Rewards? This video slot by Triple Edge Studios boasts 5 reels and an intriguing row setup of 3-4-5-4-3. With 720 ways to win, you can achieve winning combinations from both the left and right sides. Feeling cautious or adventurous? You have the freedom to choose between a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum bet of €50. The game offers an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.01%, ensuring that your gaming experience is both thrilling and fair. Keep in mind that Rising Rewards leans towards the high volatility spectrum, with a hit frequency of 24.75%. Plus, brace yourself for the chance to snag a max win of up to 5000 times your bet – now that’s a reward worth aiming for!

But wait, there’s more – let’s delve into the fantastic features that make Rising Rewards a standout in the world of casino slots. The Jackpot Trigger symbol, featuring a polished diamond set against a golden disc, holds the key to the captivating Jackpot Wheel feature. Each time the Jackpot Trigger symbol graces the screen, the potential jackpots get a boost of 0.5x. The exciting part? The value of the jackpot resets to its initial amount after each spin. And when that Wheel spins, you’re guaranteed to win one of five enticing jackpots:

– Ultra Jackpot – Starting at €2,000 and reaching up to €10,000
– Mega Jackpot – Starting at €400 and climbing up to €2,000
– Major Jackpot – Beginning at €100 and expanding to €500
– Minor Jackpot – Commencing at €20 and rising to €200
– Mini Jackpot – Kicking off at €10 and ascending to €150

The Rising Rewards Free Spins Multiplier Meter is an intriguing feature positioned to the right of the game. It’s designed to increase during both base game play and the bonus round. Landing scatters on exactly four reels boosts the multiplier by 0.5x, and it can soar to an impressive x10 during base game play. However, it’s important to note that this exciting multiplier meter only comes into play during the bonus round, resetting to x1 once the feature concludes.

As for the Bonus Round, it’s a moment of anticipation and exhilaration. When you land at least one scatter symbol on each of the reels, forming the word B-O-N-U-S, the Bonus Round is triggered. You’ll receive a minimum of six free spins to start with. Each triggered scatter brings additional rewards, adding either +1 extra spin or +1 to the multiplier. The multiplier has the potential to reach an impressive x15 as you dive into the bonus round. What’s even more exciting is that this multiplier applies to all your line wins during the bonus round. And guess what? You have the chance to retrigger the feature, with each retrigger gifting you 1x your stake boosted by the multiplier.

So, there you have it – an in-depth look at Rising Rewards, the captivating casino slot game developed by Triple Edge Studios. With its immersive casino theme, generous rewards, and thrilling features, this game offers a taste of the excitement you’d find on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Will you be the one to hit the jackpot and walk away with incredible winnings? Spin the reels of Rising Rewards here at Las Vegas Casino and find out for yourself!

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