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Slice and Dice Video Slot | Free Spins | Las Vegas Casino

Slice and Dice

With up to 1,000x the bet on offer as a reward, Las Vegas Casino players will want to ensure they are the surgeon in this dark-humoured Slice & Dice online slot game!

Black Pudding Games’ Slice & Dice online slot game is a reimagination of an instant win scratch card as players will find that there is not too much to this game in regards to complex gameplay.

Slice & Dice Slot Theme

The game features a rather simplistic theme with some appealing graphics having been applied, as players will be provided with a grid that is based on a theme of surgery whereby they will have to open up a person on an operating table to try and form wins. Thankfully, cartoon visuals have been used, otherwise, this game could be a little gory.

There are just a few symbols available in this Slice & Dice game, with the paytable consisting of six different dice that can be collected, with each of these providing different rewards which are explained further in the Slice & Dice bonus features section.

Slot Game Gameplay

Las Vegas Casino players will certainly find this Black Pudding Game incredibly unique weirdly and wonderfully, with the playing grid also featuring some uniqueness to it. This game is played with a total of 3 reels and 3 rows, with each of the dice appearing on the player’s body.

There are a total of 3 pay lines available in this dark humour game, as well.

Slice & Dice Bonus Features

One of the bonus features available in this Slice & Dice slot game comes in the form of the winning combinations that can be won when slicing and dicing the person laying down on the operating table.

Wins are based on the quickness and effectiveness that players have in trying to make a three of a kind combination, with each colour providing a different payout reward depending on how many picks are made.

They consist of the following:

– Red Dice – 3rd pick is 1000x, 4th pick is 400x, 5th pick is 120x, 6th pick is 120x, 7th pick is 80x, 8th pick is 60x, 9th pick is 40x.
– Orange Dice – 3rd pick is 250x, 4th pick is 100x, 5th pick is 50x, 6th pick is 30x, 7th pick is 20x, 8th pick is 15x, 9th pick is 10x.
– Yellow Dice – 125x, 50x, 25x, 15x, 10x, 7.5x, 5x.
– Green Dice – 75x, 30x, 15x, 4x, 6x, 4.5x, 3x.
– Blue Dice – 50x, 20x, 10x, 6x, 4x, 3x, 2x.
– Purple Dice – 25x, 10x, 5x, 3x, 2x, 1x.

There is not too much more than Las Vegas Casino players need to concern themselves when it comes down to the Slice & Dice bonus features available.

Slice & Dice Slot Game RTP

A bet of €/£/$0.10 is the minimum bet that can be placed at Las Vegas Casino when playing this Slice & Dice online slot game, although a maximum bet of €/£/$10 can be wagered.

The return to player (RTP) rate for this online slot game is 96%, whilst the volatility rate has been set at a medium rate.

Slice & Dice Video Slot Verdict by Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas Casino players will find that this Slice & Dice slot game is rather unique and different from many other games available, however, it is one that can still offer them plenty. The win rewards are of a substantial amount, whilst the RTP rate of 96% means players can expect to perform a successful operation consistently!

Try this slot game at Las Vegas Casino now! Have some fun and may luck be with you.

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