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Speed Baccarat A

Evolution gaming succeeds in optimizing a player’s Baccarat experience through their Speed Baccarat. This is a format for the more seasoned players that prefer faster and a larger volume of hands. Be aware of its pace though, a new hand starts almost immediately after you win or lose. Speed Baccarat online table game is not for the faint hearted and favours the bold.

This is a live casino game. Instead of the average 48 seconds it takes to play a round of roulette, Speed Baccarat table game optimizes this time to 27 seconds. This means that the player is able to engage in 25% more rounds per gaming session. Equipped with unique side bet features with the potential to pay hefty payouts, this online table game is tailor made for high-rollers.

Speed Baccarat Visuals

The preference of speed does not compromise the game’s attention to detail. Shot form the Latvian studios in Riga, the casino’s layout in conjunction with the sharp look dealer is streamed to be quite sophisticated. The online baccarat player is made to feel as though the spotlight is on them.

Additionally, Evolution’s user interface is intuitive and immersive. The live baccarat player can adjust video settings and view their environment in 3D. The quality of every element in the player’s gaming experience is high. It feels as though you are actually in a live casino – a feat that can’t be said about too many online gambling games.

Online Baccarat Gameplay

The betting range of this online table game is between 1 to 5000 units. This indicates that the game is suited to the high rollers, though it is accessible for beginner and intermediate players as well.

The rules of the live casino game are that of a standard Baccarat. The goal of the game is to encounter the highest single digit card from three dealt cards. The player has a 12 second betting window as well as the option to continue with their bet for the next round. In a standard gameplay, the player has the freedom to bet against their own hand in favor of the banker, as well as on a tie.

Table Game Features And Bonuses

The biggest attraction of the game aside from its speed is its side bet features. The player can engage in 4 types of side bets.

In the player or banker pair, the player bets on either the player or the banker’s hand to have two cards of the same value. This online live casino game has an RTP of 89.64%. In a perfect pair, the player bets on a hand to have an identical value and suit. This has an RTP of 91.95%. In a perfect pair- two pairs, both the banker and player have an identical value and suit with an RTP of 91.95%. FInally, either pair is a single on a pair by either party, having an RTP of 86.29%.

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