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Speed Baccarat B

Speed Baccarat by Evolution adds a super-fast alternative to the standard Baccarat game, with rounds taking just 27 seconds, while a standard Baccarat round takes 48 seconds on average.

Speed Baccarat B Visuals

This is effectively a live table game stream, so you will have live dealers to interact with during the baccarat game. This can actually be quite interesting in terms of conversation, but you need to be careful, or risk losing track of this live table game which is extremely fast-paced. Evolution’s streams are usually high-quality, and that is the case with this online baccarat game as well, which greatly improves the overall experience.

Speed Baccarat B Gameplay

Players play this live table game with eight decks, with the choice between six bonus bets. You can place your bet as soon as the previous round ends, choosing a chip from the ones on the table and placing it on the result you think will be the one to win.

You have three choices – you can bet that your hand will win, that the banker will win, or that it will be a tied hand. The UI allows you to see what all the other players have bet and how much they have staked as well, which can be a useful tool to help you make your own decision.

There are a number of scorecards and trends, such as Bead Road, Big Road, Derived Roads and individual shoe statistics, for players to look at if they want to look at trends and data. Again, this is a useful addition for players when they want to decide where and how much to bet.

Speed Baccarat B Bonus Features

As mentioned previously, live table game players have six possible side bets, each of which targets pairs. Player and bet pair side bets can be made from the main board, where they will both pay if the first two cards dealt to the player or banker are a pair or not a pair, depending on the bet made.

Other side bets include Perfect Pair, Either Pair, P Bonus and B Bonus. Perfect Pair will win if you have two identical value and suit cards, and pays even more if this happens on both your and the banker’s hand. The Either Pair bet means that you expect a pair in either your or the banker’s hand.

The two bonuses give you cash prizes if the player or banker wins the round with a natural eight or nine, or if they win by at least four points. Here, the bigger the winning margin of the person you have bet on, the higher the payout.

Speed Baccarat B Betting, RTP and Payouts

Bets can range from 1 to a whopping 15000 credits, with the RTP of the Speed Baccarat live table game at 98.94%. Player pays are at 1:1, while banker wins pay at 0.95:1. Tied bets pay 8:1 if won, while if you manage to win a Perfect Pair bonus bet, you will get the biggest win in the game at 200:1.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

This is the ideal online casino game for baccarat fans who want more high-speed action and do not have too much time to play. Rounds come thick and fast, and the side bets make the action even more interesting.

Now that you know all you need, let’s play online baccarat.

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