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Sunquest is a five-reel, nine-payline video slots game with a tropical fruit theme. You can bet one to nine credits per payline, giving you a wide range of options. Wild symbols, a bonus game, free spins, and scatter symbols are among the special features in Sunquest.
The symbols and their payout values for 3-, 4-, or 5-of-a-kind are listed in order of decreasing value:

– Cherry (3, 6, 30)
– Strawberry (4, 8, 40)
– Lemon/Lime (5, 10, 50)
– Watermelon (6, 12, 60)
– Orange (7, 14, 70)

The following symbols all pay on 2- to 5-of-a-kind:

– Gold Bar (2, 10, 100, 300)
– Gold Bell (3, 15, 150, 450)
– Seven (4, 20, 200, 600)
– Diamond (5, 25, 250, 750)
– Sunquest Coin (10, 100, 500, 10000)
– Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol will result in a payout whenever three, four, or five of its corresponding symbols appear in any position on any reel. If you get three symbols, you get two coins; if you get four symbols, you get ten coins; and if you get five symbols, you get fifty coins.

The Wild Symbol is the only symbol that appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and it can take the place of any other symbol in the game with the exception of the Bonus, Free Spin, and Scatter symbols. If a Scatter symbol appears on one reel while a Wild symbol appears on another reel in the same position, the Wild symbol will also substitute for the Scatter symbol.

The bonus game is triggered when bonus symbols are present. In the bonus game, the number of available options is determined by the total number of symbols that have appeared. If there are three symbols, you will have two picks, if there are four symbols, you will have three picks, and if there are five symbols, you will have five picks.

For each pick that is given to you, you have the option of selecting one of five coins. This then reveals a multiplier, which is multiplied by your current wager to determine the potential winnings you are eligible to receive from this round. For instance, a wager of five coins on each of the game’s five paylines results in a total bet of 45 coins.

During the bonus game, you have the opportunity to win as many as 225 coins by selecting a multiplier of x5. After making your choice, you will then be given the opportunity to either collect your previous winnings or choose a different coin and apply the new multiplier to it. This process is repeated until either all of your picks have been used or you decide to cash out your winnings, whichever comes first.

The free spins feature requires three or more of the Free Spin symbols in order to become active. If you get three of the same symbol, you will receive five free spins. If you get four of the same symbols, you get ten free spins. You get 20 free spins for five symbols. Every one of your free rounds is going to pay out according to the regular pay table.

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