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Super Sevens Blackjack : A Fun and Challenging Game

Unlike many other unique blackjack versions, Super Sevens Blackjack has no effect on the basic game rules. Instead, this is a unique side bet that can be added to practically any blackjack table, whether it be for a conventional game, an Atlantic City Blackjack variation, or another game altogether.

In Super Sevens Blackjack, players can make a side wager on whether they’ll get a seven (7) on their first card.

More consecutive sevens will pay out more, as detailed below. However, it is crucial to note that Super Sevens has no effect on the real game, and side bets are optional, thus you may play standard blackjack at a Super Sevens table.

Super Sevens Blackjack Rules

Players have the ability to make a Super Sevens side bet before the hand is dealt. By placing this wager, you are wagering that the first card you will be dealt will be a seven (7). You’ll be rewarded extra if your first prediction was accurate and the second card is likewise a seven. Finally, you’ll win the largest Super Sevens Blackjack payoff if the third card drawn from the deck is likewise a seven.

The side bet breakdown is as follows:

– The first seven: pays 3 to 1
– Two sevens, not suited: pays 50 to 1
– Two sevens, suited: pays 100 to 1
– Three sevens, unsuited: pays 500 to 1
– Three sevens of the same suite: a payout of 5,000 to 1

Although Super Sevens may be a lot of fun, it is regarded as the “sucker’s bet” since it has a high house edge of roughly 12%.

If you’re looking for an amazing online casino game, Super Sevens Blackjack is the ideal choice. With vibrant graphics and exciting features, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, with a chance to win up to £5,000, there’s no reason not to give it a try! Head over to Las Vegas Casino today, one of the top British casino sites, and open up Monkey Business for some unforgettable fun.

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