Terminator 2 Slot Game Review

Terminator 2 is a slot from Microgaming based on the 1991 action sci-fi film of the same name. The game features all of the much-loved characters from the film, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, the new T-800 Terminator, and the Connors, and gameplay is set against a backdrop of electric blue wires and machinery. It’s a nicely made slot game with an immersive theme and very fun gameplay; whether you’re a fan of the film or not, we’d recommend giving this slot a try.

Gameplay and bonus features

Terminator 2 features the usual gameplay you’d expect from the vast majority of modern slots; players spin reels populated by familiar symbols in order to form winning combos. The game features low-value poker card symbols such as hearts and spaces, with higher valued symbols incorporating characters from the film such as Sarah and John Connor, and Arnie himself. Some of the character symbols are animated, which adds a nice touch to the feel of the game, and all in all playing Terminator 2 does feel like a pretty immersive experience for fans of the original franchise.

There are also a couple of bonus features which are of course this slot’s primary selling points. The first is a randomly triggered bonus which can surprise you on any non-winning spin. It’s called T-800 Vision and it features a nicely thematic animation of the antagonist’s target vision landing on the reels. On this spin, cash prizes will be awarded for any character symbols on the reels, and it will also knock the required number of scatter symbols needed to trigger the game’s main bonus round down from three to one. This bonus round, which is often triggered by T-800 Vision, is the game’s free spins round. Players are awarded 10 free spins and during the round, the T-1000 symbol can turn into any other character on the reels. As you might imagine, this can lead to some bigger payouts than usual. There’s also an incredibly rare ‘Hot Mode’ – which is activated if you can see flames around the ‘free spins’ notice – and this is a version of the free spins round with enhanced reels and some very nice payouts.

Play on mobile

Like most modern slots from Microgaming, Terminator 2 runs smoothly on all kinds of devices including both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, so it should be a good choice for players who like to play while on the go. Graphics look great on both smaller and larger displays, and of course the gameplay is the same regardless.

Chance of winning

Terminator 2 offers a decent chance of winning for most players, including a return to player of 96.62% which is a bit above average for this kind of slot. It’s also a low variance game, which is often preferred by casual players who like to enjoy fast and frequent wins, though it does mean that jackpots are rare in Terminator 2. Either way, it’s a very solid slot with a good RTP so this shouldn’t be off-putting for any potential players.

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