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Top Card Trumps - Big Prizes | Las Vegas Casino

How to Play Top Card Trumps

Top Card Trumps is a well-known online casino game by Betsoft. As of now, it is one of the simplest games available. Find out what each card is worth. Check to see how it compares to the others. When you have mastered this information, you are prepared to play! As usual, the software provider’s top-notch animations. However, you may alter their speed via the user interface if you’d want to move more quickly through them.

Compared to most other card game tables, this release’s RTP is substantially lower at 95%. Six decks, each having 52 cards total, are used to play this game. The game only offers one side wager. It doesn’t add much complexity, but it does give players of Top Card Trumps a speedier option to make money.


When you initially start the game, you will be asked to put a wager. Only one of the coins Betsoft has pre-selected for you is available for selection. You place your bet by selecting the coin value and placing it in the Ante and Tie bet areas. Only play the latter if you wish to take part in the side bet. The Ante field should be your main focus in all other cases. You can undo your most recent wager at any moment, or you can delete all bets at once, using the Clear option.

You can begin playing after you’ve finished placing your bets. When you click Deal, the computer will automatically shuffle its deck and draw a card for that position. If you intend to play this release for a while, we suggest playing all three positions simultaneously. After every card has been dealt, its value is compared. You win the round if your card is valued higher than the dealer’s. If it is worth less, though, you forfeit the round and your staked funds.

Extra Features

Tie bets are placed by selecting the field above the three primary bet spaces and clicking the button. This may be overlooked at first glance with ease. However, if you hover your cursor over the aforementioned spot, you will see it. You can place up to three tie bets at once, just as with the main wager. Each tie bet is calibrated for the particular hand. As a result, if you get a tie on hand one and did not place a tie bet there, a side bet for hand three will not be honored.

If there is a tie, you will receive a 10:1 payout plus your initial stake. You will then be given the option to Fold or Go to War at the active side bet. Folding puts an end to it right away, letting you deposit the winnings. If you decide to proceed to War, you enter a second stake in the Raise field to equal your Ante bet.

Several additional cards are drawn, the last two of which are dealt to the player and dealer sections. Then, using the same criteria as in the original game, these two recently drawn cards are compared. If the player’s card has the higher card, you will get the additional wager when the player’s card has the higher card. You will lose the Raise bet, but you win the Raise bet, but you win the Raise bet, but win the Raise bet, but you win the Raise bet, but you win the Raise bet, but


Top Card Trumps is an intriguing game since it always pays out exactly the same: even money! You will always receive a 1:1 payout, regardless of how much better your card is than what the opponent possesses. The Raise bet operates under the identical rules as the Ante, therefore the same is true. The Tie side bet, which pays 10:1 as was previously mentioned, is the lone exception.

If you’re looking for an exciting casino game to play, look no further than Top Card Trumps. This engaging game can be enjoyed at Las Vegas Casino. Here, we offer a huge range of online casino games UK for you to play.

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