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Triple Double Bonus Poker Slot | Video Poker | Las Vegas Casino

Triple Double Bonus Poker

The Bonus Poker series has proven to be a smash hit among video poker and online slots fans. But this one is a little bit different from its siblings. Triple Double Bonus Poker has earned the respect of the online gaming community, even though the returns it offers are fairly average.

The RTP ranges from 98.15% to 99.58%, depending on the paytable. While it doesn’t offer the same four of a kind bonus that the other titles in the series offer, it does provide huge payouts on the top bonus hands. Players have the opportunity to earn as many as 4000 coins for matching four high-scoring symbols.

Triple Double Bonus Poker Gameplay

Triple Double Bonus Poker’s video casino game premise is simple enough; it’s video poker with an added twist. Slot Players will receive a bonus for drawing certain four of a kind hands. This game doesn’t contain quite as many bonuses as other Bonus Poker titles, but it does offer the biggest potential payout.

Triple Double Bonus Poker game pays out less for lower-valued hands as a trade-off for the higher bonuses available for four of a kind hands. The average payout is nothing special but isn’t as low as some other video poker titles.

Video Poker Slot Betting Strategy

Most experienced video poker slot players suggest that you should always bet the maximum of 5 coins every time on Triple Double Bonus Poker online casino game. The reason for this is simple; the potential payout for a royal flush is enormous. If you bet fewer coins and get lucky, the payout you receive will be significantly reduced. If you aren’t able to put down the maximum bet, consider switching to a machine with a lower maximum that you can meet.

Once you have placed the maximum possible bet, the computer will deal 5 random cards from the deck of 52. You then choose whether you want to keep each card or discard it and reroll. You are free to keep or discard any combination of the cards you hold, meaning there is 32 possible way to play any hand you are dealt.

In Triple Double Bonus Poker online cards game the payout for a royal flush after betting 5 coins is more than 4x the payout you would receive from betting 4 coins. It is well worth going for the maximum win every time.

Playing Slot Games At Las Vegas Casino

You will find plenty of online casinos offering Triple Double Bonus Poker slot game, and it’s available in offline video poker terminals. If you want to try your hand at this online slot game, visit us at Las Vegas Casino. We don’t just have an excellent library of slot games that is growing by the day, we also offer new video poker slot players a welcome package that includes a 100% match on their first deposit, and free spins on any of their games. This is an excellent online casino to start if you want to try Triple Double Bonus Poker video slot.

Las Vegas Casino Verdict

For video poker slot fans, Triple Double Bonus has everything you could ask for. The classic slot interface is easy to navigate, whether you are new to video poker or a veteran player, and the payouts on offer can’t be ignored. This is definitely a great title for fans of online slots and video poker.

At Las Vegas Casino our goal is to reach the most realistic and fun gambling experience and that’s why our online casino counts with the most popular casino games like Triple Double Bonus Poker.

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