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Trojan Kingdom Slot | Win Real Money | Las Vegas Casino

Trojan Kingdom Slot: Spin the Reels and Win Epic Riches

In ancient Troy (modern-day Turkey), an enigmatic tribe known as the Trojans thrived, engaging in legendary battles with the Greeks. Just For The Win, a renowned slot developing studio, invites you to embark on a thrilling adventure to the fearsome Trojan Kingdom in search of immense riches. Join us as we reveal to you what this amazing online casino slot has to offer.

The theme of Trojan Kingdom revolves around the captivating era of Ancient Troy. Just for the Win has skillfully crafted the design of this slot, immersing you in the grandeur of the Trojan Kingdom. The backdrop showcases exquisite gardens and magnificent structures, seamlessly blending with the reels to create a visually stunning experience. Moreover, the game features an epic soundtrack that further enhances the immersive atmosphere.

When it comes to symbols, Trojan Kingdom offers a diverse range. The lower-paying symbols consist of the familiar J, Q, K, and A, while the higher-paying symbols include a Vase, Harp, Knight, Trojan woman, and Trojan man. Aligning five of these higher-paying symbols can reward you with payouts ranging from 2x to 10x your bet.

In addition to the standard paying symbols, Trojan Kingdom presents various other symbols that can significantly impact your gameplay. The Wild symbol acts as a substitute for all other paying symbols, increasing your chances of securing winning combinations. Keep an eye out for the Trojan horse symbol, as it triggers the Bonus Holder feature and can also randomly activate the Queen’s Bonus. The Scatter symbol, represented by Free Spins, appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Landing three Scatter symbols will unlock the highly coveted Free Spins feature. Let’s delve into the exciting features of Trojan Kingdom!

Trojan Kingdom boasts an array of features that revolve around bonus symbol collections, leading to Wild Scrolls, a thrilling Queen’s Bonus, and both free spins and Super Free Spins.

The Bonus Symbol Collection adds an intriguing layer of excitement to your gameplay. Each reel features a Bonus Holder positioned above it. During the base game, bonus symbols may land and fill a segment of the Bonus Holder above their respective reels. Once three segments are filled within a single Bonus Holder, the Wild Scrolls feature is triggered on the corresponding reel. It’s important to note that Bonus Holders, Wild Scrolls, and the remaining reels persist across different bet levels, enhancing the continuity of your gameplay experience.

Wild Scrolls can appear during the base game, free spins, or Super Free Spins. When Wild Scrolls are activated in the base game, a Wild Scroll symbol is placed at the top of the relevant reel. With each subsequent spin, the Wild Scroll symbol descends, covering an additional position on the reel. Once the Wild Scroll has covered the entire reel, it is removed on the following spin. Notably, active Wild Scroll reels cannot land bonus symbols, while free spins symbols can still be seen through Wild Scrolls.

The Queen’s Bonus adds an element of surprise to your gaming sessions. By collecting at least one bonus symbol in the base game, you have a random chance of triggering the Queen’s Bonus. However, it cannot be activated simultaneously with free spins. When the Queen’s Bonus is triggered, twelve golden objects appear on the screen. Your task is to pick them one by one, unveiling one of four Bonus Coin types. Revealing three identical Bonus Coins will award the corresponding prize: blue, green, red, or purple. These colors correspond to payouts of 15x, 40x, 250x, or a staggering 10,000x your bet, respectively.

The Free Spins feature offers an exhilarating opportunity to extend your gameplay. Free Spins symbols land exclusively on the three central reels during the base game. Once you’ve successfully landed three Free Spins symbols, you’ll be granted an indefinite number of free spins. Throughout this round, a 2x win multiplier is applied, increasing your potential rewards.

At the beginning of the Free Spins feature, Wild Scrolls become active on the third reel, starting from the top. If a new wild symbol appears, a Wild Scroll initiates from the landing position. It’s worth noting that wild symbols cannot land on active Wild Scroll reels. The Free Spins feature concludes when no more Wild Scrolls are visible on the reels.

For those seeking even greater thrills, Trojan Kingdom presents the Super Free Spins feature. Landing precisely two Free Spins symbols during the base game accumulates one point in the Super Free Spins Upgrade Meter. Collecting a total of 20 points upgrades your Free Spins to Super Free Spins the next time you land three Scatter symbols, activating the feature.

The meter can store a maximum of 20 points and retains its progress across different bet levels. In Super Free Spins, the win multiplier soars to an impressive x7, significantly amplifying your potential winnings. Additionally, the round commences with two Wild Scrolls active on reels 2 and 4, starting from the top position. Apart from these enhancements, the rules governing Super Free Spins mirror those of regular free spins.

Embark on a captivating journey to the Trojan Kingdom, where riches await the brave and the determined. Just For The Win’s slot masterpiece offers a visually stunning experience, accompanied by immersive music that transports you to the glory days of Ancient Troy. With its exciting features, including Wild Scrolls, the Queen’s Bonus, and both free spins and Super Free Spins, Trojan Kingdom promises an unforgettable gaming adventure. Come join the fun at Las Vegas Casino today for a chance to enjoy this great game!

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