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Las Vegas Casino Video Poker

Get the most out of our thrilling online casino experience here at Las Vegas Casino video poker games and play with our welcome bonus of 100% up to 200 credits today. Enjoy the most realistic online poker experience.

Video poker is a very popular table game with online casino players because it brings the buzz and the strategy of traditional five card poker directly to you via our top gambling platform from your computer or mobile device.

Online poker is one of those casino games that a player can have an edge in by playing smartly and making the correct mathematical decisions, which makes it such an attractive offering particularly for the more experienced casino gamer. Depending on which video poker game you play on, there is the chance to win big time at Las Vegas Casino video poker titles just like you were playing with your fellow players moderated by a live dealer.

If you are looking to get the most similar experience of a land based casino while playing your favorite casino table game, then you are in the right place here at Las Vegas Casino as we have all the leading variants of Poker among our video poker games selection at the click of a button!

Video Poker Gameplay

The aspect that attracts casino players to video poker is its likeness to the real experience and the glamour look and feel of a cinematographic ambience. Although most poker gaming played in casinos in the modern day is Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha, many of the same traits of those online casino table games are in play in video poker, in particular the risk, reward and strategy.

The ranking of hands is the same whether it is video poker or the more traditional table game forms of poker but the big differences come in the payouts and the nuances that are available to be played via video poker right here at Las Vegas Casino.

In Video Poker versions you are playing against the machine to get the best hand possible, rather than trying to outsmart a series of other fellow players, with the knowledge that the better the hand the higher the payout!

It is therefore important to totally understand the paytable of the video poker game machine that you are playing at all times, as this can have a big bearing on the decisions you may need to make during the game.

Video Poker Different Variants

At Las Vegas Casino we ensure you the finest selection of Video Poker online variants tested and provided by the best online casino game providers in the world.

Generally the most popular variants of Video Poker here at Las Vegas Casino are ‘Tens or Better’ or ‘Jacks or Better’ by Genii. The basic rules of these poker games is that the minimum hand needed to win is a pair of 10s or Jacks depending on which game it is that you are playing. While in some Video Poker games a pair of 6s could win you a payout, it would not be eligible in these table game variants.

Another variant of video poker available at Las Vegas Casino is when a certain card in the deck is determined to be a wild card such as ‘Aces Wild’ or ‘Deuces Wild’. These games are normal video poker games but in Aces Wild the Ace becomes a wild card, so any hand that has an Ace can be upgraded into a stronger one using the wild nature of the card. The same applies in Deuces Wild except it is the 2 that is wild rather than the Ace.

Play at Las Vegas Casino if you don’t want to miss any bit of a luxurious online casino experience, you will find those variants of video poker and many others right here in the home of video poker games!

Playing Video Poker At Las Vegas Casino

Before you sit down and get stuck into one of our excellent variants of video poker it is essential that you know both the rules of the online casino table game and how to play it. We’ll cover the rules further down this page but let’s cover playing the game itself.

Once you have chosen which video poker game suits the best with the experience you want to have at Las Vegas Casino, and bought your credits it is time to play a hand. Once you have clicked on the Deal button you will be given five cards which form your hand. The aim of Poker table game is to make the best hand that you can from these five cards. However in order to strengthen your hand you get the chance to exchange cards you do not want for others which are preferably better.

From Las Vegas Casino’s specialists perspective, this is where the strategy of Poker comes into the casino table game. You may already have a fair hand, for example a pair of Kings, but that could still be improved. Say you have four spades in your hand you might want to exchange the other one in the hope of getting another spade to upgrade your hand to a flush.

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Decisions like this require mathematics to come into play and then balance the numbers with risk and reward. So if you’re an experienced poker player, then you’ll easily dive into Las Vegas Casino.

For example, using the above scenario, there are 13 spades in a deck. Four of them are in your hand leaving nine spades. 47 cards remain in the deck (unless jokers are in play) so your chance of getting that elusive spade is roughly 1 in 5 or 20% or a 5/1 shot. In most variants of Poker a flush pays 6 credits so the risk reflects the odds. These odds change in your favour for games that have wild cards.

A good way to learn this is to play Video Poker for fun in the most realistic and glamorous online casino experience like the one we provide at Las Vegas Casino, which you can enjoy from your computer or mobile device.

Video Poker Rules

The rules of video poker are very much similar to that of regular poker except you are not playing against anyone like you would in a traditional poker game. Here you are attempting to finish with the best hand you can once you have exchanged the initial cards.

The order which the hands are ranked are as follows: (strongest first)

  1. Royal Flush
  2. Straight Flush
  3. Four of a Kind
  4. Full House
  5. Flush
  6. Straight
  7. Three of a Kind
  8. Pair

Your payout will then be determined both on the strength of the hand you have and the number of credits you have used for that hand.

On some video poker games available in Las Vegas Casino online gambling platform a max bet can land up to 5000 credits for a Royal Flush, one of the many reasons why video poker is such a popular online casino table game!

Las Vegas Casino Video Poker Game Selection

Regardless of whether you are an experienced video poker player, an aficionado who wants to try video poker for the first time or someone dipping their hand into the growing world of poker, we have something for you right here at Las Vegas Casino.

Get the thrill of playing the real casino experience and check out our many variants of video poker for your chance to bet small but win big just like you were in Vegas.

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