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Embark on a Slot Saga with Viking’s Legacy EveryWay’s Epic 27,483X Max Win

As the latest addition to Red Tiger Gaming’s portfolio, Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot builds on the innovative reel mechanic first introduced in Sugarlicious EveryWay. While it retains the mechanic’s distinctive name, Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot game presents a thoroughly revamped gameplay experience. This slot takes players on a journey through the rugged terrain of Medieval Scandinavia, offering an opportunity to align with the Vikings in pursuit of substantial prizes. The game stands out from its predecessor, providing a fresh and engaging experience that is distinct in its own right. Learn about all the features and opportunities in our comprehensive review of Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot game.

Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot Theme

The Viking’s Legacy Everyway slot game draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, which is vividly reflected in the game’s striking visual elements and elaborate artwork. Encased within stone pillars that pay homage to Norse architectural prowess, the game’s reels offer a glimpse into a serene Viking settlement, nestled among wooden structures and lush landscapes.

Each symbol on the reels is a vibrant celebration of Viking heritage, featuring runes and other quintessential Norse symbols, all brought to life with vivid colors and meticulous attention to detail. The game’s auditory backdrop is just as compelling, with a soundtrack that deepens the player’s immersion, transporting them to the age of intrepid Norse seafarers. The synergy between the game’s visual and audio design creates a captivating atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of the theme, turning every spin into a narrative-rich voyage through the fabled Norse legends.

Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot shares some common ground with the earlier Sugarlicious EveryWay slot, particularly in its use of the scatter pays mechanic. However, this new iteration introduces a distinct arrangement of reels and paylines. Eschewing the Megaways system, Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot opts for a consistent 6×4 reel structure, providing players with 4,096 established paylines. The game maintains the scatter-like behavior of symbols, which offer payouts when appearing anywhere on the reels, provided there are a minimum of 8 matching symbols to trigger a win.

Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot RTP, Volatility, Max Win, and mobile compatibility

Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot offers players a choice between two RTP (Return to Player) configurations: an average version at 95.77% and a lower one at 94.03%. The slot’s high volatility is indicative of less frequent payouts, which are offset by the potential for more significant rewards, as reflected in a hit rate of 16.73%. The maximum win in Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot is a notable 20,000 times the player’s stake, presenting a valuable prospect for those in pursuit of substantial payouts.

The excitement of playing Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot isn’t limited to desktop computers; the game is fully optimized for mobile play. Designed to adjust flawlessly to any screen size, Viking’s Legacy EveryWay can be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets alike, with no loss in quality or game features. Accessible from anywhere, whether you’re relaxing at home or on the move, this slot game ensures that the Viking adventure is never more than a tap away, ready to transport you to the epic landscapes of Scandinavia whenever you desire.

Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot Symbols

In Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot, the payout for symbols increases as you land more winning reels. For two winning reels, the symbols 10, J, Q, K, and A pay out at 0.05 times the bet. The Pendant symbol pays out at 0.1 times the bet, while the Coins symbol offers 0.15 times the bet. The Horn symbol yields a payout of 0.2 times the bet, and the Raven symbol provides 0.3 times the bet. The highest paying symbol for two reels is the Wolf, which pays out at 0.5 times the bet.

When you hit three winning reels, the payout remains the same as with two reels for the symbols 10, J, Q, K, A, Pendant, Coins, Horn, and Raven. The Wolf symbol also maintains its payout at 0.5 times the bet.

For four winning reels, the payout for the symbols 10, J, Q, K, and A increases to 0.1 times the bet. The Pendant’s payout grows to 0.15 times the bet, and the Coins symbol now pays out at 0.25 times the bet. The Horn symbol’s payout increases to 0.35 times the bet, while the Raven symbol offers 0.45 times the bet. The Wolf symbol sees an increase to 0.6 times the bet.

With five winning reels, the payout for the symbols 10, J, Q, and K is 0.1 times the bet, and for the A symbol, it’s 0.3 times the bet. The Pendant symbol pays out at 0.15 times the bet, and the Coins symbol at 1 time the bet. The Horn symbol yields 1.5 times the bet, and the Raven symbol offers 2.5 times the bet. The Wolf symbol provides the highest payout at 5 times the bet for five winning reels.

Finally, for six winning reels, the payout for the symbols 10, J, Q, and K is 0.25 times the bet, and for the A symbol, it’s 0.3 times the bet. The Pendant symbol pays out at 0.75 times the bet, and the Coins symbol at 1 time the bet. The Horn symbol yields 1.5 times the bet, and the Raven symbol offers 2.5 times the bet. The Wolf symbol again provides the highest payout at 5 times the bet.

Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot Feature

Chain Reaction

When players achieve a win in Viking’s Legacy EveryWay, the Chain Reaction feature kicks in, removing the winning symbols from the reels. This allows new symbols to cascade down, potentially forming additional wins. This process repeats itself with each new win.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol, which can substitute for all other paying symbols, appears on reels 3 and 4. Each wild starts with two lives, represented by a heart and a number. The wilds remain on the reels as long as they have lives left, losing one life with each win they contribute to, and only disappearing when no lives remain. Additionally, the presence of a Yggdrasil scatter symbol adds an extra life to the wild if it’s part of a winning combination.

Viking Features

Displayed above the reels, Viking features are activated sequentially with each subsequent Chain Reaction within the same spin, following a win that includes a wild. The sequence of features is as follows: Expand, x2 Win Multiplier, x3 Win Multiplier, and Remove Q J 10, all of which deactivate after the spin concludes. The Expand feature causes any visible wilds with remaining lives to stretch into a 1×4 size, and any new wilds that appear during subsequent Chain Reactions will also expand. The Win Multipliers apply to wins during the Chain Reaction that activates them. When the Remove Q J 10 feature is activated, these symbols are eliminated from the reels and do not appear in subsequent Chain Reactions.

Free Spins

Landing Yggdrasil scatter symbols on reels 1, 2, 5, or 6 awards players with 3 free spins. During the free spins round, landing 3 scatters grants an additional 3 free spins. Throughout the free spins, the Remove Q J 10 feature is always active, and the Win Multipliers are replaced by a progressive multiplier that increases by 1 with each win. If a spin does not result in a win, an extra free spin is added.

Feature Buy

Players have the option to purchase features within the game. For 40 times the bet, a spin that guarantees 2 wilds can be bought, or for 100 times the bet, the free spins bonus can be activated. When features are purchased, the RTP is set at 96%.

In conclusion, Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot emerges as a captivating addition to Red Tiger Gaming’s repertoire, weaving together Norse mythology and innovative gameplay mechanics to create an immersive gaming experience. The theme, rich in Viking heritage, is brought to life through stunning visual elements and a captivating soundtrack, enveloping players in the world of Norse legends with every spin. The gameplay introduces a fresh twist on familiar mechanics, offering players 4,096 established paylines and the chance to trigger significant wins through scatter-like symbol behavior.

Moreover, the game’s features, including the Chain Reaction, Wild Symbol, Viking Features, Free Spins, and Feature Buy, add layers of excitement and strategic depth, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. With its mobile compatibility ensuring accessibility anywhere, Viking’s Legacy EveryWay slot promises endless entertainment for players seeking adventure and substantial rewards. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this epic slot saga – join the Viking quest today at and unleash the potential for legendary wins.

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